My Skincare Favourites

Disclaimer: I am lazy. Very lazy. So I try to keep my skincare routine relatively simple and convenient. Everyone takes care of their skin differently, to some my skincare routine may seem execive and others may be wondering where all my serums and facemasks are. But overall, my goal with my skincare is just to make my skin feel healthy and hopefully avoid too many spots! Below I’ve shared my morning and evening skincare routines and my favourite products.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I have pretty normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone but my skin can also be quite sensitive so I try and stay away from harsh chemicals. I’m quite lucky and manage to avoid too many spots (touch wood) so I don’t use any spot treatments so as not to irritate my skin.

Evening Skincare

Firstly, when taking my makeup off I don’t think you can get better than the Garnier Delicate Oil Micellar Water. The quality of the product for the price is unbeatable, the oil in the formula helps to strip off all of my makeup and best of all, doesn’t sting my eyes which is such a blessing. If I’ve had a lot of make-up on that day, then I’ll follow that up with my Clinique Take the Day Off Balm. When rubbing the balm into your skin it changes into an oily formula that again helps to get rid of every last bit of makeup and helps my skin feel squeaky-clean. After that, I use a toner, my toner of choice being the Simple Soothing Toner, mostly because it’s very affordable and doesn’t irritate my skin. It’s a real classic that gets the job done.

I have two different eye creams, one for the morning and one for the evening (extra, I know). In the evening I use the Clinique All About Eyes because it’s very soothing and gentle and makes my under-eyes feel soft and nurished. Finally, I top it off with a moisturiser, my current favourite being the L’oreal Hydra Genius Sensitive Moisturiser. The gel formula is cooling and makes my skin feel plump and rehydrated.

Morning Skincare

I usually won’t bother cleansing and toning my skin again in the morning, although if there’s any makeup still left on my face (because I never seem to manage to get it all!) then I’ll go back to my Garnier Micellar water to remove those trace spots. After that, I’ll use Nivea’s Cellular Radiance eye cream. I love the peachy tint in it because it helps to hide those pesky under-eye bags, which is definitely a necessity in the morning! Finally, I’ll go back to that same L’oreal gel moisturiser. I love and use it all year round but it’s especially nice in the hot weather as the formula is so cooling in the morning.

After all that I can put my makeup on and get ready for my day (or more likely, roll straight back into bed). I hope that shows that skincare doesn’t have to be too much of a fuss with 6 serums, three facemasks and a jade facial roller, because who’s actually got time for that?

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Hollie x

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