Inspirational Women on International Women’s Day

Worry less about fitting into glass slippers, and more about shattering glass ceilings

I was brainstorming about what to post this week and realised this Friday is 8th March, i.e. International Women’s Day. That got me thinking about the women who inspire me and there’s no better day to share those than today.

Journalist, activist and star of the Good Place (anyone who knows me knows how much I love this show) Jameela Jamil has made it her mission to stop the rhetoric that convinces women that they’re not good enough. An eating disorder survivor herself, she’s taken particular aim on airbrushing, which she calls the worst thing to happen to women over the last 20/30 years, and on weight-loss teas and shakes. She’s spoken far and wide about how damaging these products can be for your health and doesn’t hold back on the celebrities who take huge paychecks in return for promoting them. Perhaps the crown jewel in her fight is her I Weigh movement which I would fully recommend checking out. I can’t put it better than she did in the instagram bio; it’s a “movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh on our bones”. Her whole outlook on cutting away the bullshit for the better is definitely a relatable one and I will continue to look up to her.

Suzie Bonaldi, better known on the internet as Hello October, is a blogger and influencer I’ve been following for a couple of years now, in fact it was the quote at the top of this page I saw from her this morning that inspired me to write this. A fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer she’s built an incredible brand for herself, oozes self-confidence and looks amazing doing it. She takes risks with her edgy, cool style and certainly inspires me to spend, spend and spend some more, especially when I shouldn’t. Her designer bag collection is mouth-watering and is almost a driving force in itself to inspire anyone to work hard and be successful. Suzie clearly cares about her audience and shares good vibes every Monday morning with a series of quotes on her instagram story that make you want to get up and get going under the heading Motivation Monday. Most recently she’s launched a her brand Bossy as a part of her mission to reclaim the word and points out that those shut down for being ‘bossy’ often grow into leaders and role models. Suzie is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and self-belief and she encourages me and all those who follow her to be a little more bossy.

Emma Watson, best known for her masterful portrayal of one of my favourite fictional characters of all time Hermione Granger, has been hugely influential in campaigning for women’s rights and was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 as well as being at the forefront of the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign for gender equality. Not only focused on women’s rights, she founded Our Shared Shelf combining her passions for reading, education and feminism. I read an interview from Watson where she talked about how photographers dived to the ground to take photographs up her skirt when she stepped out of her 18th birthday and how this among many other influences drives her passion for equal rights. This story really shocked me and makes her fight for equality all the more inspiring. Not unlike Jameela Jamil, she uses her platform in an incredible manner to speak to both her supporters and those who oppose her. Emma reminds me so much of Hermione because of her perfect blend of eloquence and determination to achieve her goals and help those around her no matter what.

Freddy Cousin-Brown is another influencer I’ve been loving for the past few years. Her instagram is enviable and her style is beautiful. She has influenced my wardrobe to no end, there are days I look down at what I’m wearing and think, ‘yep, Freddy did this’ and I’m so okay with that. She’s incredibly brave with what she wears and clearly knows herself so well. I’ve heard her answer the question ‘but what if people stare at you in your skirts and pink fluffy coats when you walk down the street in the middle of winter?’ so many times and every time, unflinching, she replies: ‘who cares?’. She preaches self-confidence to no end, I would say more than she knows, and her pink-tinted world brightens my outlook on taking fashion risks. Her style is undoubtably very different to Suzie’s, but both women are confident, outgoing and unapologetically here to stay.

Something different this week, but I hope you enjoyed and learned a little something about some of the inspirational women changing my outlook one post at a time.

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Hollie  x

See the links below to see more from these inspirational women.

Jameela Jamil:

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I Weigh:

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Suzie Bonaldi:

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Emma Watson:

instagram @emmawatson

Our Shared Shelf:

instagram @oursharedshelf


Freddy Cousin-Brown:

instagram @freddy


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