Five on Friday 002

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week and are enjoying the start of spring. Here are the things that have caught my eye and put a smile on my face this week, also you’re so welcome for the picture of my super cute dog.


A furry friend 

Having such a cute doggo is one of the main reasons I get excited to come home (sorry mum and dad). He’s so snuggly and fuzzy, he may or may not be trying to get me to cuddle him right now (he definitely is). Its good to be back.

A less furry friend (only slightly)

I went to Bicester Village on Tuesday with my sister Ellie which was a great day out. Although neither of us bought anything (curse our student budgets) we had a really nice time and burst into fits of laughter about nothing for the majority of the day.

A happy reminder

I saw a quick BBC video on Facebook this week about the Happy Newspaper. Founded by Emily Coxhead it is released quaterly and focuses on the brighter side of the news. Emily said she noticed how negative much of the news is and says that shes not trying to ignore those negative stories but shed light on the positive along with it. I think it’s such a fab idea and definitely made me smile.

A new haircut

I’m really enjoying playing around with my hair atm, having had it balaged a few months ago I decided it wanted a change up and cut a few inches off and I’m super happy with it! Also, am I the only one who finds getting their hair cut really theraputic? Please tell me I’m not alone..

A promising start

I need to start thinking about my dissertation soon (honestly it’s already too much) and I had a small brainwave about a potential topic earlier this week. It may have been a relatively minor flash of inspiration, but inspiration all the same. Got to take it when it comes!

I hope you enjoyed this quick read and have a great weekend and a great week. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

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