How I motivate myself

Because getting out of bed in the morning can be hard enough

It’s been great relaxing at home for Easter but unfortunately university work never lets up! Essays are definitely playing on my mind and getting myself motivated to start is not an easy task. This got me thinking about the things I usually do to motivate myself and I managed to come up with a list of little things I do that seem to make all the difference. There are still days when I do these things and I’m not super productive, but there’s definitely a better chance of me making a good dent in my day when I check a few things off the following list!


One of the most important things for me to do is to plan out everything I need to tackle in my bullet journal the night before. Bullet journalling can seem very complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be. It’s basically a system based on taking a blank notebook like the Leuchtturm 1917 and using like a diary but in the most helpful way for you. I started bullet journalling at the beginning of 2018 and it’s the best way for me to plan as it’s flexible and lets me jot down notes if and when I need to without worrying about ruining my pristine diary. If you want to find out more about bullet journalling and how it works, I’d recommend watching this video made by the people who came up with the concept. I really couldn’t recommend bullet journalling enough!

Another thing that makes me feel good is looking down and seeing painted nails. My favourite quick, no-fuss nail varnish is Sally Hansen’s Powder Room, it’s a gorgeous nudey-pink colour with an iridescent sheen that’s subtle but still polished. I also just picked up one of Essie’s Treat Love Colour Care polishes in TK Maxx the other day which lets you strengthen your nails whilst still having them look beautifully painted and I’m loving it!

I also feel more organised and ready for the day when I put on some makeup in the morning. My ‘everyday makeup’ can vary from just concealer, mascara and eyebrows all the way to foundation, eyeliner and everything in between. What I do is super dependent on how I’m feeling that day, check out My everyday winter/spring makeup post to see more on how I tend to get ready for the day.

More recently I’ve been making smoothies in the morning to get my day going. I’ve never been very good at leaving time in the morning for breakfast so this is a good alternative for me. Typically my smoothies contain a handful of frozen strawberries and the same of frozen blueberries, a few ice cubes, a few spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt, a glass of apple juice and a good squeeze of honey all thrown into my Blend Active blender. I’ve also just picked up some Free Soul protein powder to throw in to help fill me up a bit more and I’m really enjoying it. A priority for me is striking a good balance between healthy and tasty because I know that if I’m not enjoying my smoothies eventually I’ll give up, so I make sure they taste good so that I stick with it!

Getting dressed properly in the morning, i.e not throwing on tracksuits and a hoodie (as comfy and tempting as it is) and heading out the door half asleep. Personally, in the colder weather I like wearing a skirt and tights to make me feel put together but still comfortable whether I’m sitting down working all day or running here there and everywhere. When the weather warms up, a cute dress and denim or faux leather jacket is my go to for comfort and summery vibes all at once. I also try to put some earrings in and sort my hair out slightly, even if that means throwing it in a couple of french braids.

Finally, I’m a big advocate of taking breaks when I start to lose my mind. I always go slightly mad if I’ve not left the house all day so taking time to go for a walk in the fresh air even just for 10 minutes is so beneficial. If I’m at home, taking the dog for a quick walk with a podcast or some music is a great way to unwind and revitalise.

So that’s a basic run down of what I do to make myself feel organised and motivated. As you might be able to tell, I’m a definite believer in if you look good, you feel good, so taking time to sort myself out in the morning by doing my makeup and wearing something other than tracksuits definitely gets me in the right frame of mind.

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Hollie x

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