Five on Friday 005

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a nice couple of weeks, the lack of posts (and the reason this one is late) is due to my getting back to university resulting in a pretty busy couple of weeks will all the packing an unpacking! Keep reading to see my highlights of the past couple of weeks.

An incredible invention

I heard about these over the past few weeks and had to share them with you, C lash eyelashes are fake eyelashes made specifically for people who have lost their eyelashes through cancer treatment, or any other illness. They are different to normal strip lashes because they have thicker transparent sticky layer that sticks to your eyelid and makes them stick down far better on eyelids with no eyelashes. So brilliant yet so simple.

A warm weekend

At risk of sounding way too British, I fell in love with the weather over the bank holiday weekend! We’re getting closer and closer to shorts and summer dresses and it makes me so happy and excited for summer.

A last term

It’s my final term of my second year at university, I can’t tell you where the time has gone! My final essays of the year are creeping up faster and faster, at least that means we’re one step closer to summer.

A spring clean

I managed to procrastinate from essays by being somewhat productive (can I call that a win..?). I cleaned my room at home whilst packing my stuff and I finally sorted through a box that’s been sitting there for about 4 years, so satisfying! I topped that off my cleaning and somewhat organising my university room when I got back as well, a nice fresh start for my last term.

A little break

I’m thinking I’ll have to take a break from blogging whilst I’m working on my essays, I’ve really enjoyed posting more over Easter and I’ll get back into the swing over summer. I’m sure I’ll still post but it’ll be more sporadic, unfortunately most of what I write over the next few weeks will be academic rather than for fun, I’m not happy about it either!

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Hollie x

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