My Sunday Pamper Night

As it’s Sunday I thought this was the perfect time to talk a little bit about self care. I love a relaxing bath especially in the colder months, we’ve got a really nice bath at home and I’ve been loving settling down for a nice long bath on a Sunday, I already miss it now I’m back at uni! I’ve recently got into back into candles and face masks and what’s better than a bath and a face mask? With that in mind I wanted to share some of my favourite bits and pieces that make me feel nice and relaxed and get me ready for the week ahead.

It’s all in the prep

The first thing I bring up and put next to my bath is a big old bottle of water. I tend to have quite a hot bath so a nice drink of water stops me getting too hot and bothered. I also occasionally indulge in a little (or large, depending on the week I’ve had!) glass of wine which admittedly does go down an absolute treat. Another important step is candles, all the candles! Some of my favourites are from Olivia Blake which can be found in Homesense, they smell incredible and from a far they look like Jo Malone but at a fraction of the price!

Time to relax…

I love a good face mask in the bath, sometimes I’ll use clay mask but I usually go for a sheet mask. I bought a few in Sephora when I was in America which I’m loving but my go-tos are definitely the garnier sheet masks. I’ve tried quite a few of the different ones and all of them leave my skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

I also love to give my skin a good exfoliate in the bath to remove any residual fake tan if I’ve had any on that week. I’ll also exfoliate if I’m planning on tanning later that evening to prep my skin and help my tan go on as evenly as possible.

Fake it ’til you make it

Finally, once my face mask is ready to come off and I’m ready to get out I’ll moisturise and put on my tan if I’m feeling like it. The moisturiser I’m loving right now is the Sanctury Spa body butter in their classic original scent, I love how this smells so much! If I’m tanning I just pop that on the dry areas of my skin to stop the tan sticking (elbows, wrists and hands, knees, feet and ankles, you know the drill!). My favourite tan is the Tanologist tanning water in medium, I find it gives such a nice natural colour without that fake tan smell and without leaving my bedsheets orange!

Once I’ve tanned and put on my comfiest pyjamas I’ll just wind down for the rest of the evening and jump into bed! Thank you for reading about my little pamper routine, it’s not particularly extensive but I don’t want something relaxing to be too regimented. If you did enjoy this post don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my blog.

Hollie x

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