My favourite things about Southampton

I have been a student at the University of Southampton for two years now (where has the time gone!) and in that time I’ve come to love the city I live in for half the year. I wanted to write a post on my favourite things about Southampton from the perspective of a student not only for any prospective students but for anyone looking to visit the city. Keep on reading to see my favourite things about Southampton.

The university campus

I visited a few different universities in preparation for applying to uni and over the past couple of years with visiting friends and I’ve not seen a nicer campus than the Univeristy of Southampton. Highfield campus, the main campus, is modern and well equiped for lectures but it’s still beautiful and not overcrowded with towering buildings. Walking through campus is a joy, the areas of grass to sit on and the little stream make it difficult to be in a bad mood, even when I’m inundated with essays and exams!

The nightlife

One of the things that seems to set Southampton apart from other university cities is the variety of nightlife, from bars and pubs to clubs there’s something for everyone! One of my favourite places for drinks with friends is Wild Lime in Portswood, just down the road from Trago Lounge a cafe and bar that’s just as lovely for coffee and brunch as it is for evening drinks. One of the best student nights is Karaoke at Stags on campus, it gets super busy super fast so better head in straight after your 4pm lecture to get a seat! With cheap drinks and a buzy atmosphere Stags is a great place for a drink with friends anytime.

There are so so many clubs in Southampton so there’s definitely something for everyone. Everyone loves a night at Oceana, of course we head straight to the cheese room for some what I like to refer to as year six disco classics mixed in with some ABBA and not forgetting a Grease medley at the end of the night! I’ve also heard great things about Popworld and The Edge, they’re two of the places that nearly always come up when I’m asking where to go for the best night out. But the crown jewel in Southampton’s nightlife has to be Jesters, she might not look as swanky as Oceana but I’ve had some of my best nights at Jesters. There’s one mystery I just can’t solve about Jesters though, Southampton students help me out, what do they put in a Jesticle?! All of their signature cocktails are equally as confusing but we’ll keep ordering them!

Places to meet friends

If going out until 3am isn’t your thing, Southampton has some really lovely coffee houses and eateries to meet friends instead. I’ve already mentioned Trago Lounge is great for both daytime eating and evening drinking and another similar option is The Bridge. Located in the Union Building on campus, it’s another great place to chat, laugh and cry over essays (only sometimes!). Although we love a good Costa and Starbucks, Coffee#1 on Portswood high street is my favourite coffee house. I love the atmosphere in there whether I’m relaxing or furiously writing last minute essays (it happens more often than I care to admit..).

The layout of the city

I really like that the campus sits slightly outside of the city centre, it means I can keep my uni work and my social life separate where I can. It’s much nicer to walk home from lectures and put my work out of my mind when I need to. The house I rent sits bang in the middle of the city centre and the university so I’ve got good access to both my lectures and Westquay shopping centre, just how I like it!

Transport links

This might sound like a weird one, but with a spread out city a good bus service is vital! I got a free year long pass for the Unilink buses in my first year because I was living in halls and it was a lifesaver when I was running out the door for a lecture. Not only that but both Southampton Central and Southampton Airport train stations were really convenient whether I was going all the way to Plymouth or heading home for the weekend. Good transport links might seen strange to single out but you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone!

That rounds up my favourite things about Southampton as a student, I hope it was helpful to any prospective students or any visitors! If you liked this post please like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x