Five on Friday 006

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good few weeks. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with finishing my essays (thank god) and celebrating my birthday along with other things. Keep reading to see what I’ve been loving these past few weeks.

Plymouth University Summer Ball

A great few days celebrating

I had a really great time celebrating my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I was very lucky to spend it with some amazing people and received some lovely presents to top it off! (you can find my what I got for my birthday post here)

An amazing night

I travelled to Plymouth to go to the UPSU Summer Ball last Saturday and had such a fab time. Between the silent disco, Sigma’s DJ set and my embarrassingly loud singing at the end of the night I think you might find the source of my hangover that hit me like a train when I surfaced on Sunday morning (lets be honest, afternoon). But I guarantee it was totally worth it!

Another year complete

I finished my second year of university a couple of weeks ago, I honestly can’t tell you where the time has gone. There’s certainly been ups and downs to my uni experience but I’m trying to appreciate all my time here and am simultaniously looking forward to and dreading my final year… is that normal?

A new workspace

In the process of furiously finishing my essays I decided to try working in a coffee shop near my uni house. I found that I really enjoyed being there, be it to work or just get a pot of tea in the morning and relax. I’ve realised working/eating/sleeping/relaxing all in my uni room doesn’t always work for me so I’m happy I’ve found a new space.

A welcome catch up

I went home for a few days last week and had a really nice drink with an old friend. I’ve really enjoyed getting back in touch with her and I’m looking forward to more drinks over the summer!

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Hollie x

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