What’s in my holiday makeup bag

I’m stilling basking in the Californian sun (let this never end) so my makeup routine has been a lot lighter, I did my makeup for the evening in less than 15 minutes the other day *pause for applause* which must be some kind of record for me! After this achievement I thought it only appropriate that I share with you some of those key products for passing off that summertime sweat for a summertime glow.

I fall in love with this product every time I use it and come September I’m definitely buying a lighter shade for when I’ve lost my tan. That product is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and I can’t praise it enough! It’s super quick and easy to use but evens out my splotchy, slightly sunburned skin beautifully. It’s got just the right amount of coverage for me and none of the cake that comes with it, my perfect base come rain or shine.

Another perfect option for travelling is a multipurpose palette, my current fave is the Jordan x Beauty Bay Onyx palette because it contains 5 natural eyeshadows and a pop of yellow as well as two highlighters and a big mirror. Unfortunately I’m not sure this is still available but any palette that you can use for your eyes and your face is a winner for me.

A long-time favourite of mine is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer so I made sure to pick up another one before we jetted off to the states. This time however I decide to pick up one in a darker shade as well to use as a cream bronzer and I’m really happy I did! The product is nice and creamy and blendable and doesn’t move my foundation around underneath it so I don’t lose any coverage. It’s also nice and compact so I don’t have to worry about it taking up too much of my more limited space.

A true godsend this holiday has been getting my eyelashes lifted before I went away. I know this isn’t necessarily makeup but it’s definitely been helping me get ready far quicker this holiday! My LVL lashes have made all the difference and I would definitely think about having it done again. For anyone who doesn’t know, LVL stands for length, volume and lift and it’s basically like a perm for your eyelashes, your lashes are lifted at the root and set with a serum, the effect of which can last up to eight weeks. It’s been super helpful because if I’m not wearing makeup I my eyes look more open and awake and if I am wearing mascara it only takes a few swipes and it looks like I’ve got fake lashes on in an instant!

I hope that’s given you a better idea of the key products that make all the difference for getting ready in a flash on holiday, I’ve got more products than this with me (I didn’t pack that light!) but these are the ones I thought it worth directing particular attention to. If you did enjoy this post lease don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to see more and follow me on Instagram to see these products in action!

Hollie x

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