Christmas Gift Guide: Christmas Hamper Ideas

A hamper is such a cute gift for anyone, and its a great thing to get someone if you’re stuck on what to get them! Places like B&M and Amazon sell ‘make your own hamper’ kits that include a hamper and some cellophane that you can fill up with whatever goodies you want. The great thing about making someone a hamper is that they’re incredibly customisable, you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows. If that sounds appealing to you I’ve put together a little list of ideas of how you could theme a hamper for your loved ones this Christmas.

1. A few of their favourite things

Kind of an obvious one, but giving someone a basket of all their favourite things such a nice present because you know they’ll love it all! You could sit and write down the first 5-10 things that come to mind when you think of that person and buy some of those bits to put in a cute hamper. For example, if they’re super into a certain sport or they love makeup or even if they love their coffee in the mornings putting all of their favourite things together is a great way of showing someone how well you know them. This one also gives you an opportunity to put lots of random things in that don’t necessarily go together because the only theme of the hamper is that person!

2. Favourite Food Hamper

Always a winner: buying someone food. I did this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and I think it went down pretty well! I got him some of his favourite chocolates, instant coffee, beer and some other things he wouldn’t usually buy for himself at uni like Pringles and pods for his coffee machine. To make it even better, I made sure to point out to him that I didn’t include anything that I would want to eat, that way he knew I wouldn’t steal any and it was all for him! Whoever you’re buying for, a hamper of treats will always do the trick, you could even theme it, for example if you have a vegan friend you could get them their favourite vegan snack food!

3. Hot Drinks Hamper

Along a similar vein, getting someone a basket centred around their favourite hot drink would make a great gift. If you’re buying for a coffee-lover then some different kinds of fancy expensive coffee, a nice mug (maybe a travel mug if they commute to work!) and some biscuits would be great, this works equally well if they’re more into tea, just switch out the coffee for tea! Even if they’re more of a hot chocolate kinda gal some fancy hot chocolate, a cute new mug and some whipped cream and marshmallows would definitely do the trick!

4. Pamper Hamper

If it rhymes then it’s definitely a good shout! There’s so much scope of things to include in a pamper hamper, some fluffy socks, new pyjamas, face masks, makeup, skincare, maybe a hair mask if they’re into haircare, the list goes on and on! You could even get one for your friend, double up on everything in there and have a cosy pamper night in. Top tip: include a film and a bottle of wine for maximum relaxation.

5. Sports Hamper

This one might not work for everyone but I think it would be a great gift for the right person! If you know someone who’s really into certain sport then I think a basket filled with things around that sport would be an amazing idea. Take golf for example, you could get them some golf balls, some tees, a towel for their bag, even a new glove or shirt to play in! Or football would work well too: you could pick up the new season’s shirt, maybe a photo of their favourite team, a team water bottle, or even a scarf or hat they can wear if they regularly go to watch the games.

I hope that’s given you some ideas if you were still wondering what to get someone for Christmas. I think a homemade hamper is such a nice idea for a present because every one you do is different tailored to fit that person. It’s also a great one if you’ve not done you’re shopping until the last minute and need to get something quickly! If you did like this post then I’d really appreciate it if you could like and share and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to see more.

Hollie x

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