Cruelty free makeup

I’d love to be that person that can go vegan, but unfortunately I’m not right now. I’ve made a few changes, like I try not to buy beef to eat at home, buy Quorn instead of chicken sometimes and have made the switch to buying soya milk to have in my tea. However, I think the one place that I can try hard and succeed is in my makeup. So I’ve decided to be more conscious about the brands I buy from and the actions I support when I purchase certain products.

In a nutshell, products advertised as cruelty free have not been tested on animals. Although this seems very black and white there are some grey areas to be aware of. Just because a product is cruelty free doesn’t mean that the brand as a whole has a zero tolerance policy for testing all of their products on animals. And even if a brand is cruelty free, that doesn’t mean that their suppliers are. Moreover, if a brand sells their products in China then they are not considered cruelty free as animal testing is required in China.

It can be very tricky to keep up with which brands are cruelty free and which are not, certain brands are certified and some are not. To help with this, there are many website and blogs that regularly update their list of brands to keep readers updated with which brands to support. The two I often consult are Free The Bunnies and My Beauty Bunny.

So why the desire to try and buy cruelty free? I suppose that’s quite self-explanatory really, I believe that testing on animal is unnecessary and unnecessary harm seems wrong to me. Additionally the cosmetics market has become so saturated with products and there are so many brilliant options out there that buying from brands who aren’t cruelty free again, seems unnecessary when I have the choice. I’m not necessarily an animal lover by any means, but again it seems so unnecessary to continue to test on animals so I’m choosing to try not to support those brands anymore.

This doesn’t by any means mean I’m going to purge my makeup and throw away anything that isn’t cruelty free. Firstly, this would be wasteful and would achieve nothing as the product is already bought and the money is in their hands. Secondly, this would be incredibly expensive and I can’t afford to replace all that makeup! I’m going to use up the products I already own and try to find alternatives the next time I need to buy something to replace it.

I’m going to try my best to buy cruelty free but as I mentioned, it can be difficult to research a brand and the brand that company is owned by to guarantee that they are cruelty free. More and more brands are going cruelty free as the demand for these products is rising so hopefully this endeavour will only get easier.

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