VIEVE: My New Muse

Jamie Genevieve has fast become my favourite makeup artist to follow. Her talent is undeniable but the thing that draws me in is the love she has for what she does. So of course when I heard she was launching her very own brand I was instantly excited because I knew it was going to be built on that same love.

VIEVE burst into the beauty world at the end of 2020 and I’m just as excited about them now as I was when the brand first launched. VIEVE has fast become one of my favourite makeup brands and one that I am constantly keeping and eye on to see when new products are set to drop. The aesthetic is classic but I think it stands out in the market and the heart at the centre of VIEVE is clear.

They launched with the small but beautiful Essentials Collection containing lipsticks, lip liners highlighters and an eyeshadow palette alongside two makeup bags. I restrained purchasing for a few weeks, watched the reviews roll in and eventually bought my first VIEVE products at the end of November. The price point is mostly on par with other high end brands, similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay, which I think generally matches the quality of the products and packaging.

The Nova Glow Highlighters

Nova Glow Highlighter in Holy Chic

I surprised even myself when a highlighter was the first product I bought from VIEVE. I’ve been going off highlighter recently seeing it as brilliant for a night out but not so much for everyday, and considering I haven’t had many nights out recently I had been passing over my highlighter brush. But after seeing the reviews I thought this highlighter could be the one for me, and I was right.

I bought Holy Chic, the middle shade of the three available, and love the way it looks on my skin. It can be built up to be blinding as anything, but it’s also super easy to get that nice lit-from-within glow which is my favourite way to wear any highlighter. Even if we ignored the perfect shade and balance of glitter and shine, he best thing about this highlighter is the lack of cast – so when you turn your face away from the light you wouldn’t know it was there – and it really helps to give that golden hour glow.

It is worth mentioning that each highlighter costs £27 which is comparable to lots of high end brands. I did slightly choke at the price when I first saw it particularly because you can get very good highlighters for much less but I have absolutely no complaints and don’t regret paying that much for it!

The Essential Palette

The Essential Palette

A neutral palette was always on the cards from Jamie, but despite that this didn’t set my imagination alight immediately. Eventually I asked for this for Christmas, again after seeing the performance reviews, and I’m really glad I did. The quality was never in doubt for me but only after using this a few times have I seen the versatility in it.

The first thing that hits you when you get this palette in your hands is how enormous the pans are! You get 31g of product in total, that’s 3.1g per pan and for comparison Huda Beauty’s Obsession Palettes give you 0.9g/pan and a Naked Palettes come in at 0.95g/pan. This is great to see, especially considering the price of the the palette is £43, but personally it doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t buy palettes with the intent of using them everyday until it runs out. I like trying out new things and having fun with my makeup rather than buying totally for practicality but if that is how you buy makeup then it’s a big plus for you! Personally, it’s a nice feature rather than a make or break.

The colour scheme of this palette is neutral but in no way boring. The shade Lavarock makes this palette really special for me, it is described as a warm brown but the purple tint makes it look cooler toned to me. I think it adds another dimension to the palette but plays so nicely with the rest of the warm shades. I find all of the shades pigmented and easy to work with, the mattes are creamy and shimmers impactful. The palette is a joy to use.

The Modern Matte Lipsticks

Modern Matte Lipstick in Vieve

The Modern Matte Lipsticks are the standout VIEVE product for me (which is saying a lot!). I thought my matte lipstick days were behind me, I love the sophisticated look of a matte lip but cannot abide the Sahara Desert feeling that accompanies it. I cannot emphasise how comfortable these are to wear, they don’t last through eating but I would rather apply this multiple times a day than spend 10 minutes wearing a drying matte lipstick.

The two shades I have are Power Suit, which I received for Christmas, and Vieve, which I bought myself on Boxing Day after being totally converted to the formula after one day’s wear. Power Suit is a burnt orange that makes a statement without being high maintenance and Vieve is the perfect pale nude, it can look a little bit concealer-lips if I don’t use a darker liner with this one but I love the effect it gives when I do.

The formula and shades of the Modern Matte lipsticks are perfect, there are 5 shades in total, all nudes, and I’m trying to restrain from buying them all (I don’t need them, I don’t need them…). The lipsticks come in at £19 each and are worth Every. Single. Penny. They also have my favourite packaging of all of the products with the sleek black and gold, magnetic closure and VIEVE embossed onto the bullet. No complaints, never change these ❤

The Modern Lip Definers

Modern Lip Definer in Velvet Sands

At first, I didn’t think I could justify buying a lipliner. They cost £15 each and lipliners are notoriously easy to get for a third of that price, but again I have to say I love these. They are the perfect mix of pigmented and creamy but they don’t feel like they’re going to slide off! I have the shade Velvet Sands and its a perfect my-lips-but-better shade and goes well with all of my nude lipsticks.

I’m still unsure if I can justify the price tag of these, but I am eyeing up the shades Brat and Rumour… so if I fancy treating myself then they may end up in my basket!

The Essential+ Makeup Bag

The Essential + Makeup Bag

There’s not a huge amount to say about a makeup bag, but I am really pleased I bought this! It was £25 so not inexpensive but it is quite big and the perfect size for keeping my everyday face in. The PU leather and PVC top gives it a really nice look, super happy with this!

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of VIEVE and think the quality of products is outstanding, I really don’t have any faults to point out. It’s rare that jumping straight in and buying new makeup, particularly from a new brand, is the right decision for me, but VIEVE’s current products have given me confidence in the brand and if the future launches peak my interest I’ll definitely give them a go. Speaking of new launches, what could be next? Personally I would love to see a colourful palette from VIEVE as well as a bronzer and maybe some lashes further down the line! I think Jamie would absolutely smash these and I can’t wait to see them, I’m sure they’re coming!

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