Colourpop x Animal Crossing Collection Review

I got my Switch last Summer with the sole intention of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, like many others my age, grew up playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo DS. I couldn’t get enough of working for slum lord Tom Nook (although he does have an incredibly generous payment plan, always grateful for that lack of interest). So of course when I saw this collection’s reveal on 16th Jan and immediately set a reminder for the launch date in case I wanted to indulge, spoiler alert: I did. Keep reading to see what I picked up and what I thought of the products.

Quick disclaimer: I meant to write and post this review months ago but since moving my blog has been put on the back burner! At least this way I’ve had more time to use the products and see how they performed 😀

Nook, Inc. Palette

Nook, Inc. Palette ~ $12

This is the product I was most excited for, I don’t have many green shadows and the shadows I’d previously tried from Colourpop had been fab. I was a little apprehensive though as sometimes these collaborations can be of a lower standard to their main line. But I didn’t need to worry, these perform really nicely and the shades are lovely.

The palette contains 4 different formulas, from top left to bottom right: Yes.. Yes! is a mint green shimmer, Made In The Shade is a matte with micro-glitters, CEO is a pressed glitter, and Water Landing is a dark teal matte.

My favourite shade in the palette is Made In The Shade which really surprised me because mattes with micro-glitters are usually a pet peeve of mine. Despite this the shade blends really nicely (the micro glitter likely helped with this!) and the colour pay off is still nice without being overpowered by glitter, also the shade is gorgeous! If there’s one thing I would change it’s the formula of CEO, I wish it was super foiled rather than a pressed glitter, but if you put the effort in it’s still really pretty.

Flower Tender Blush ~ $12

Flower Tender Blush

I’ve always wanted to try Colourpop’s blush formula and I was willing to spend a little on this collection, so that combination meant I had to pick one up! Flower Tender is a really pretty peachy pink shade with a little bit of shimmer running through it. I wasn’t super pleased when I saw the glitter but it actually just shows up as a subtle glow which is really lovely.

I was also really pleasantly surprised how well this paired with the eyeshadow palette, I was worried it would be too pink and overpowering but I found that they play off each other really well. Pink and green are a surprisingly fab combo!

Fruit Roots Just A Tint Duo

Fruit Roots Just a Tint Duo ~ $12

I actually split this set with my sister so I just have the shade Orange Cutie from the duo. This is another formula that I hadn’t tried before and I thought it would be a nice low maintenance product. Also if I was going to try it I thought going for something cute from this collection was a good opportunity. That’s kind of the common theme running through this post tbh!

I got pretty much what I expected from this formula: it’s a nice hydrating wash of colour that has next to no staying power but I don’t mind that too much. Anything with the word ‘Tint’ in the product name isn’t meant to last all day so as long as it gets a tick in the comfort box I’m happy.

Since I split this set with my sister I thought I’d better get her thoughts as well:

“I like it, it’s good for me.” A glowing endorsement.

Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow ~ $7

Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow

I’ve raved about the Super Shock formula before – not a particularly hot take but nonetheless true! – and Balloon Pop performed just as well as the shades in Colourpop’s main line. Unfortunately this product did come shattered but the good thing about the Super Shock formula is how easily it can be pressed back into shape. It still looks a little funky in the pot but it performs really well!

This shade is described on the website as “icy peachy pink with hot pink and icy silver pinpoints” but I would definitely say it has a bronzy undertone running through it as well. It’s a really unique shade, I wouldn’t think to describe it as icy but I also wouldn’t say it’s a particularly warm shade either. The pink and bronze tones play together really nicely to create a very versatile and unique shade. I often wear it swept on my lid when I want a three second eye look that looks polished. I’ve gotten even more use out of this than I expected to.

Featuring: Nook, Inc. Palette, Flower Tender Blush and Orange Cutie from the Fruit Roots duo

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products in this collection! For the most part I think the quality of them would sit well alongside Colourpop’s main line of products.

Colourpop are notorious for making great quality makeup for a brilliant price tag – only $7 for Balloon Pop feels like a steal! It’s part of the reason I was so determined to pick up some pieces from this collection, I knew there was a good to great chance that these products would not only be fab little collectors items but would make their way into my everyday makeup bag – and they have! Balloon Pop is a staple that could take me from day tonight and the Nook, Inc. Palette is my current go to for when I want some colour.

I also feel like I need to mention how perfect the packaging is, Colourpop always put a lot of effort into the packaging of their collaboration collections and I really appreciate it particularly with a collection that I was so excited for. I mean, the Balloon Pop Super Shock actually came in a box designed like a present, I love that!

This collection is still available online and I would definitely recommend that you pick something up if it’s something you’ve been looking at. There are another three palettes to choose from if you’re not into green and two more Just A Tint duos, a more reddy-pink set and a neutral with a vampy purple pairing, check the website for the full collection!

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