My Lounge Top 5

Because a matching underwear day is always a good day

Lounge is an underwear brand that was unknown to me until about 6 months ago, but seeing images from influencers and instagrammers made me curious and I just had to try it. Having asked for a couple of sets for Christmas I’m definitely hooked! It may not be the cheapest brand in the world but the quality is incredible and the pieces I’ve tried are so comfortable, I’m definitely saving up for more. The full range from the brand can be found here or below you’ll find my top 5 picks from Lounge.

One of my favourite sets is the red triangle bra & briefs, all of the sets come in lots of colours but this in the red is by far my favourite. They fit incredibly well and look amazing on, but most importantly they’re so so comfortable!


Lounge also has an apparel section, my favourites being the reborn high waisted leggings sets. I have the pink set which I love, both the leggings and sports bra are comfortable and flattering and the material is really thick and very good quality. These sets also come in a regular mid-rise leggings as well as the high waisted  version that I have. The next set I’ve got my eye on is this blue set!

When I first searched through the Lounge website, the lemon balcony bra & thong jumped out to me immediately. I love the colour and haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. This is definitely top of my wishlist.

Black Mesh Bra and Thong

Admittedly, when I first saw the black mesh bra & thong online I thought it looked amazing but wasn’t sure how it would fit/if it would be comfortable enough. Turns out all of my reservations were completely unnecessary because, yet again, this set feels incredible and fits like a dream.

Khaki Silk Balcony Bra & Thong

My final pick from Lounge is the khaki silk balcony bra & thong. This set looks amazing and I love the combination of the silk and lace. Again, this set comes in a few different colours, all of which look gorgeous, but I picked the khaki because it looks slightly different and interesting as well as being very flattering.

So that’s my Lounge Top 5, hopefully that gives you more of an idea about the brand and a bit of info about the products.

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Hollie x

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