Christmas Gift Guide: ASOS Gift Section

Whenever I’m looking for cute little presents for anyone I always check ASOS first. They have a really nice selection of affordable products and a nice range of different gifts so you can do most of your Christmas shopping in the same place! Here are my top picks from ASOS for this year’s festive shopping.

Stojo collapsable travel mugs

I just got myself a little travel mug recently and I’m really happy I did! It’s super handy to have when I’m at uni so I was really happy when I found this Stojo collapsable travel mug on ASOS! I love that it’s nice and compact so it wouldn’t take up too much room in your bag. There’s no excuse for getting single use cups anymore!

Root 7 reusable water bottle

Along a similar vein, I don’t go anywhere without my reusable water bottle, it’s such an essential! This Root 7 water bottle on ASOS is a really nice option if you want to get all your shopping from the same place but Chilly’s are of course another good choice with so many colours and patterns.

wxy. skin. scented candle

Another gift you can go wrong with is a cute scented candle. This wxy. skin. scented candle would look so nice in a bedroom or living room and I bet it smells amazing!

Fizz corgi mug

This mug okay… it makes me smile everytime I see it! I saw this corgi mug a few weeks ago and was considering getting it for Black Friday but it sold out! I’m hoping it comes back in stock soon is I can drink my morning tea out of it every morning.

Migoals 2020 planner

I’m such a planner I can’t function without my bullet journal! If you know anyone like me this Migoals 2020 planner would be such a nice gift for them because organisation is life ❤

I hope that’s given you a little bit of inspo when it comes to Christmas shopping this year, I also think lots of these would make super cute Secret Santa presents! If you did enjoy this post then I love for you to like and share it and subscribe to my blog to read more.

Hollie x

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