What I got for my 21st birthday

It’s fair to say that 6 months ago I didn’t think we would be housebound for my 21st birthday. I was planning on going on a night out, having cocktails, going out for dinner maybe, but instead of that the BBQ we had at home was a lot of fun and a really nice way to spend the day. I was very lucky this year (like every year) and got treated to some really nice bits from my family which I thought I would share.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette

The first thing I got was the ABH Soft Glam Palette. I was super excited to try this out as I love the colour story and really enjoy the Anastasia formula. Safe to say it has not disappointed! The reason I’ve been loving this is because it’s super easy to get a nice natural look by throwing a few browns in the crease, but the shimmers are super metallic and really take any look from 0 to 100!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light

Another bit of makeup, I’ve always wanted to try something from Hourglass because I’ve heard so much about their powder formula. I got this Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light in a little travel size because it always seems to take me forever to get through bronzers! I really like this one because it doesn’t look powdery on the skin and gives a nice summery glow without leaving glitter all over my face.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

I’ve been getting more and more into skincare so I really wanted to try out Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. It has some active ingredients and acids that work overnight to smooth and hydrate your skin and having used it a few times that’s definitely how my skin feels in the morning! My skin is nice and glowy and smooth the day after I use it and even though the acids aren’t too strong I make sure only use this once a week so as to not overload my skin.

Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones

I was so excited to open these! Until my birthday I was the only pleb left in my house with wired headphones and after trying my parents’ out I decided I’d like a pair of Bose SoundSport headphones over AirPods. The great thing about these is that they twist and fit into your ear so they’re much less likely to fall out, which is was put me off AirPods – the thought of losing something that small and that expensive made me too nervous! So far I’ve used these walking the dog and going for a run and they’ve been fab.

& Other Stories Floral Mini Dress

I loved this dress when I found it online and loved it even more when I tried it on! This & Other Stories Floral Mini Dress falls beautifully on the hanger and looks even better on. It’s a perfect fit and such a simple summer dress that could be worn anywhere. The quality of this is fantastic and although its not the cheapest its amazing value for money for the quality, I’ll definitely be looking at some more bits from & Other Stories!

ASOS DESIGN hair clip in layered leaf design in gold tone
ASOS Design hair clip in layered leaf design in gold tone

My sister surprised me with some really cute hair bits from ASOS. The first was this gorgeous gold layered leaf hair clip which I’ve worn a few times and haven’t had any issues with it sliding out of my hair which is fantastic. She also got me a deep red velvet knot front headband which is really lovely, I can’t wait to wear it!

Fitbit Inspire Stainless Steel Mesh Strap in Rose Gold

Another really great present was this rose gold strap I got for my Fitbit. I wear my Fitbit Inspire HR everyday and I used to have a rubber black strap, which was comfortable but looked very clunky on my wrist. This new strap is really nice and slim and doesn’t look out of place when I’m a little dressed up.

Zara Floral Printed Top
Zara Flat Leather Sandals with Pearls

Finally I bought a little something for myself because if you can’t treat yourself on your birthday then when can you? That’s what I told myself anyway! I popped onto Zara and bought this gorgeous floral printed top, it’s amazing quality and such a nice fit with a super flattering neckline. I also picked up these stunning flat leather sandals with pearls because I’ve been looking for some comfortable flats that I can dress up or down. These definitely fit the bill and are super comfortable which is the most important thing. I actually wore both of these new pieces on my birthday!

A little late this year but I really enjoyed writing this post. Also this way I got to try out some of my presents so I could write about them in greater detail! I had such a nice day, even if it was in lockdown! Here’s hoping I can leave the house when I’m feeling 22.

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Everything I’ve bought in lockdown (so far..)

I’ve tried to restrain my shopping habits a little this year, I told myself I would be good. But then we got told to stay in for the foreseeable future… so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this shopping wasn’t my fault and therefore doesn’t count. Hey, I don’t make the rules! With that in mind, I thought I’d share all of the things that have magically appeared on my doorstep over the past few weeks.


Topshop Ditsy Babydoll Puff Sleeve Dress

Probably my favourite thing I picked up was this Babydoll Puff Sleeve Dress from Topshop. I loved this so much when I saw it that I set up an email notification so I knew when it was back in stock! This is quite different for me because although I love little summer dresses I’m more of a fit and flare kind of person but this dress is loose and has big puff sleeves which I never thought I’d wear! Definitely still a little out of my comfort zone but still very me in a lot of ways. It’s also worth mentioning that this feels like amazing quality especially for the price.

Glamorous Floral Print Dress

On the other hand, this dress 100% me down to a T! This Floral Print Dress is actually by Glamorous but I also bought this one on Topshop. I love these kinds of dresses, they’re feminine but still fun, girly but not too cutesie, flowing but fitted. This dress ticks all the boxes for me and I love how it makes a bit of a statement but doesn’t scream for attention! I also love how versatile this is as I think it could easily go from day to night with a change of footwear, I’d wear white trainers or sandals in the day and some little heeled sandals in the evening!

Topshop Ivory Honeycomb Cardigan

I’m so glad I took the plunge with this Honeycomb Cardigan from Topshop. I loved everything about this when I saw it apart from the balloon sleeves but when it arrived at my door I decided I really liked it! It’s super cozy and warm but the holes in the loose knit still make it nice and breathable, perfect for a summer’s evening!


Stradivarius romantic shirt in blue checks

The first thing I got from ASOS was this Stradivarius romantic shirt in blue checks. I was a little on the fence with this one but I think on balance I’m going to keep it. Again, we have puff sleeves (who is she?!) which admittedly did worry me but I actually think the whole design fits together really nicely. The neckline is super flattering and I love this colour at the minute! I also think this one is more versatile than it looks because although it is a summery piece I think it would look great with some jeans, boots and a coat in the winter.

Topshop super cropped knitted top in ivory

I did buy this one on ASOS even though it’s another Topshop item (I’m really into Topshop right now! Can you tell?) and this was a definite keeper as soon as I unwrapped it. I loved this Topshop knitted crop top when I saw it, such a nice little basic! I actually got this one a size bigger than I usually would because of lack of stock but I really like the fit . I think this one would be great for those cooler summer days with some shorts and trainers!

Pieces Pany giant pearl hair clip

I’m loving these pearl hair clips from Pieces, I actually picked up two because I thought I would prefer having one for each side of my head and I’m glad I did! I think these look so nice pulling my hair away from my face whether I secure them at the back or the side of my head! My favourite thing about these are that not only are they super comfortable and gorgeous but they don’t slide out of my hair! They really grip onto my hair so I don’t have to adjust them every time I move which is such positive because I HATE putting something cute in my hair and having to fiddle with it because it won’t stay still. Super pleased with these ones.

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

Finally, I picked up this Squalane Cleanser from The Ordinary. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and it seems to go in and out of stock all the time so I thought I’d grab it whilst I could!

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Christmas Gift Guide: ASOS Gift Section

Whenever I’m looking for cute little presents for anyone I always check ASOS first. They have a really nice selection of affordable products and a nice range of different gifts so you can do most of your Christmas shopping in the same place! Here are my top picks from ASOS for this year’s festive shopping.

Stojo collapsable travel mugs

I just got myself a little travel mug recently and I’m really happy I did! It’s super handy to have when I’m at uni so I was really happy when I found this Stojo collapsable travel mug on ASOS! I love that it’s nice and compact so it wouldn’t take up too much room in your bag. There’s no excuse for getting single use cups anymore!

Root 7 reusable water bottle

Along a similar vein, I don’t go anywhere without my reusable water bottle, it’s such an essential! This Root 7 water bottle on ASOS is a really nice option if you want to get all your shopping from the same place but Chilly’s are of course another good choice with so many colours and patterns.

wxy. skin. scented candle

Another gift you can go wrong with is a cute scented candle. This wxy. skin. scented candle would look so nice in a bedroom or living room and I bet it smells amazing!

Fizz corgi mug

This mug okay… it makes me smile everytime I see it! I saw this corgi mug a few weeks ago and was considering getting it for Black Friday but it sold out! I’m hoping it comes back in stock soon is I can drink my morning tea out of it every morning.

Migoals 2020 planner

I’m such a planner I can’t function without my bullet journal! If you know anyone like me this Migoals 2020 planner would be such a nice gift for them because organisation is life ❤

I hope that’s given you a little bit of inspo when it comes to Christmas shopping this year, I also think lots of these would make super cute Secret Santa presents! If you did enjoy this post then I love for you to like and share it and subscribe to my blog to read more.

Hollie x

ASOS Top Festive Picks

If Christmas isn’t an excuse to buy new clothes I honestly don’t know what is. Be it for a Christmas Party, New Years celebrations or a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas Day its totally understandable to get something for yourself when you’re shopping for others! ASOS is obviously my first port of call and I found a few great options for Christmas parties and pyjama parties alike, keep reading to see what I found!

1. The party dress

The party season is well and truly upon us so what better way to start this list. Firstly I think I might have found the party dress of all party dresses.

Love Triangle rose gold dress

How amazing is this Love Triangle rose gold dress?! It’s so beautiful and Christmasy whilst still being super girly. I know this might look a little chilly for the time of year but if you’re just hopping in and out of a taxi I’d sacrifice a few minutes of warmth for that dress!

Lipsy diamond dress

If you wanted to be a bit more understated I think this Lipsy diamond dress in black is an equally gorgeous pick. It’s also more covered up on top but still party appropriate. And better yet both of these dresses cost less than £45 each which I think is a great price for a nice party dress.

2. The shoes

ASOS DESIGN rose gold block heels

Next we obviously need some shoes to go with those dresses, and I think I’d probably wear these heels with either dress. These ASOS DESIGN rose gold block heels are such a good choice as they’ll go with so many outfits and the block heel makes them much more comfortable and easier to walk in.

3. The bag

ASOS DESIGN curved bar clutch bag

This ASOS DESIGN curved bar clutch bag would serve you through the festive season and beyond. It’s super versatile but the gold hardware makes it super Christmas-appropriate.

4. The Christmas morning loungewear

ASOS DESIGN lounge top and trousers

The bit we’ve all been waiting for: the comfies. This ASOS DESIGN lounge top and trousers combo looks so cosy I had to include it! I can just imagine sitting next to the tree on Christmas morning all cosy and warm… okay can it just be Christmas now?

5. The Christmas jumper

Brave Soul reindeer jumper

And finally, the best part of all: the Christmas jumper. I saw this Brave Soul reindeer jumper and I couldn’t resist, it just made me smile! This would definitely be a great option for sitting and eating Christmas dinner, I’d obviously size up a few sizes in preparation for maximum comfort during the feast to come!

I hope that’s given you some festive inspo if you’re looking to get anything for yourself this Christmas. If you liked this post please like and share it and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a thing this December.

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Winter Wardrobe Warmers

The best thing about winter? Lighting candles, getting under the blankets with a nice hot drink and getting super cozy. So obviously we want to stay cozy when we have to venture outside as well! Below are some of my staples for winter and the pieces I’m wearing over and over again to stay nice and warm this season.

Snuggly staple 1: jumpers jumpers and more jumpers!

Monki high neck lightweight jumper in beige melange
Monki high neck jumper

If you live in the UK like I do, you must be used to layering up with jumpers for approx 8 months of the year. But that doesn’t mean we have to look lumpy, bumpy and frumpy! One of my favourites I picked up a few months ago is this high neck jumper from Monki on ASOS. It’s nice and lightweight but keeps me super warm and can be worn with jeans or skirts and boots or trainers.

Snuggly staple 2: dress it up with boots

New Look heeled boots in black
New Look heeled boots

Boots totally change your outfit and a good pair is a total must have in anyone’s wardrobe. My favourites are my New Look black heeled boots and I love these for so many reasons. They have a perfectly shaped toe, a nice heel that gives me a bit of height but they’re still super comfortable and they hug my ankle so they look nice and sleek. They tick all the boxes!

Snuggly staple 3: the perfect winter coat

Image 1 of BASIC COAT from Zara
Zara basic coat in mid-camel

We live in coats in the winter and they’re often the first thing people see when they see you. Coats are definitely a piece worth investing in, but equally if you can save your money then all the better! As soon as I set my eyes on this coat in Zara it was like I had tunnel vision and once I saw the price I couldn’t pick it up quick enough! This is the Zara basic coat, it’s amazing quality and even better it’s only £30. Its got to be one of the best things I’ve bought this Autumn and I know I’ll wear it until it falls apart!

Snuggly staple 4: the warmest scarf you can find

New Look check scarf in camel
New Look check scarf in camel

A scarf seems really obvious for winter, but the amount of times I leave the house without one and seriously regret it… I’m embarrassed to say its too many to count! The scarf I’ve been loving at the minute is just a plain white one I picked up from Primark but its actually really nice and warm and isn’t too scratchy either! I also like this New Look check scarf on ASOS, it would look great with that Zara coat!

That rounds up my top picks for those wardrobe staples we all need to keep nice and warm now the temperatures are dropping. I hope you enjoyed reading, if you did it’d really appreciate it if you could like and share this post and subscribe to my blog.

Hollie x

Sustainable shopping

We can all do more to slow the effects of climate change. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to use less single use plastics, to eat less meat and to shop more responsibly. Fast fashion is hugely damaging to the environment and thankfully companies and consumers alike seem to be waking up to how serious this problem is. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of buying things I don’t need, throwing things away after wearing them only a handful of times and choosing cheap, unsustainable items rather than investing in pieces that will last a long time. We’re not all in the position to spend hundreds of pouds on jeans and jumpers (I’m certainly not!) but there are still ways to shop sustainably without spending an arm and a leg.

The first and most obvious option is to visit your local charity shops. These are great for a number of reasons, firstly you’re recycling clothing which would otherwise be thrown away, secondly you’re most likely going to be saving some money and thirdly you’re sending your money to a good cause and people that need it rather than a large corporation. I worked in a charity shop for a year and I can tell you they are very picky with what goes on the shop floor and what doesn’t. Anything that doesn’t look pretty new won’t make it out so you don’t have to worry about sacraficing quality, some of the pieces are even brand new with the tags on! Some charities also have an online store and some of these are available on ASOS Marketplace making it even easier to shop for a good cause.

Along a similar vein, second hand or vintage shops are other great places to shop sustainably. Buying second hand is so much better for the environment and you can find some great gems in second hand shops that you would never find on the high street. The Vintage Clothing Kilo sale is a great option that comes to multiple UK cities where you pay £15 per kilo of items you buy, making it inexpensive and better for the environment! Read more about The Vintage Kilo Sale here.

One of my favourite new features to help with sustainable shopping is ASOS’s responsible filter. This sorts the items you’re shown and only displays items that are made from recycled materials or that use sustainable fabrics that use less water in their production. This means that when you’re searching for new autumn pieces you can shop responsibly at the click of a button. You can shop the ASOS responsible edit here and if you want to see some of the things I picked out from it (which you definitely should, not that I’m biased or anything but they’re pretty great) then click here.

The H&M Conscious range has been a favourite of mine for a while because it singles out products that are made from at least 50% recycled materials so you can easily find and buy products that are less damaging to the environment. I’ve bought a few pieces from there that look and feel great but the thing that caught my eye about the conscious range was how inexpensive many of the products are. If you want to read more about H&M’s conscious range just follow this link.

Finally, a sure fire way to reduce the impact of shopping on the environment is just to buy less. I love shopping and getting new clothes as much as the next person (maybe a little more let’s be honest) but I’m making a conscious effort to buy things that I’ll want to wear over and over again rather than filling my wardrobe with trend pieces that this time next year will make me wonder what on Earth I was thinking. I’m also trying to get to that point where I open my wardrobe and love every single thing in it, and that’s much easier to do when I’ve not got as much to wade through!

Every week there seems to be a new person or company we’re not allowed to support anymore or a new thing that we should stop doing in the name of the environment, I don’t know about you but I find that kind of stressful! That’s why with this post I wanted to put together a couple of ways we can change how we shop without it having a drastic impact on our lives. The environmental crisis should be making us all think about how and where we shop, be it for food or clothing, and if there’s a way we can do that without changing our lives entirely then I think it definitely deserves a chance.

Hollie x

ASOS New In: Responsible Edit

It seems like summer is drawing to a close, and as sad as that makes me it can only mean one thing: not long until Christmas! Don’t worry, this is not a Christmas post in August but we do need to start thinking about Autumn so where is the first place I looked? Had to be ASOS! ASOS also have a relatively new feature on their site that lets you filter results so you only see ‘Responsible’ items, letting you see either items made from recycled materials or sustainable materials. I love this feature and will definitely be using it to try and be more environmentally friendly with my shopping. Keep on reading to see my picks from the ASOS new in section for the end of Summer/Autumn.

Monki peg cargo trousers in khaki
Monki peg cargo trousers in khaki

The first thing that caught my eye were these khaki peg cargo trousers from Monki. These look like such a great Summer-Autumn transitional piece, I’d wear these virtually all year round! The whole cargo vibe has been such a huge trend all year and I can’t see it going anywhere is Autumn!

Vero Moda high neck long sleeved top in burgundy
Vero moda high neck long sleeve top in Burgundy

Another Autumn/Winter staple (did I just say winter?! Hang on I need to lie down) is a cute high neck top and as always, ASOS have got us covered. This Vero Moda high neck jersey top is the perfect staple for when the weather turns cooler so you’ll be prepared when the sun surrenders. Both the burgundy and the mustard yellow are super Autumnal and are helping me cope with the end of summer.

ASOS DESIGN denim fitted western shirt dress in white
ASOS DESIGN denim fitted western shirt dress

You know when you see something and you gasp out loud? That’s what happened when I saw this white denim fitted western shirt dress. The western trend was huge last year and the cowboy boots and fringe look set to make a return this season! This is a much more subtle way to wear the trend but still a nice nod to the western theme.

ASOS DESIGN t-shirt with planet love motif in organic cotton
ASOS DESIGN t-shirt with planet love motif in organic cotton

Finally I wanted to shout out a couple of cute t-shirts I found, both of which are made from organic cotton! The first is this white t-shirt with planet love motif, I love the little motif and I think its such a nice way to wear a basic white t-shirt with a little extra something. The next one is a super simple dusty pink crew neck t-shirt which looks so perfect to wear with literally anything! Anything dusty pink draws my eye and believe me when I saw this is going straight in my bag!

I hope you enjoyed this ASOS responsible edit, we all need to be more environmentally friendly particularly in the way we shop and this filter will be a great help with that. I’ve been a little AWOL this summer and posts have been sporadic at best but I’m hoping to get out of my rut once I’m back at uni in a month, I really enjoyed writing this post and will get back to posting more frequently soon! If you liked this post please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, thank you for reading!

Hollie x

Summer Occasion Dresses

In preparation for the Plymouth University Summer Ball I frantically searched for a dress to wear. Typically, I ended up wearing something I already owned but I still found some really lovely dresses I wanted to share! Keep reading if you’re looking for something to wear for a wedding, a university grad ball, or just for those evenings when you need to put on a fab dress.

Premium white bandage lalce insert mini dress

First up is this premium white bandage dress from missguided. It scared me when I saw it was from the premium range but fret not, it only costs £35. Having tried it myself the quality is great and it’s not see-through, definitely worth the money.

Image result for oh polly second skin mint dress
Second skin clear strap mesh ruched bodycon mini dress in mint

Next up is probably my favourite, this mint green mini dress from Oh Polly. I loved this one so much and I was so gutted when it wasn’t available in my size. Although I haven’t actually seen it I do know that the Oh Polly clothing is usually very good quality and double layered so it’s not see-through. This one also comes in black but I love how summery the mint is!

Emerald Green Plunge Lace Open Back Midi Dress image 1
Emerald green plunge lace open back midi dress

Another great option is this emerald green lace midi dress from Pretty Little Thing. Funnily enough when we were at the ball I saw a girl in this dress and I thought she looked really great! This one again is great quality and I think the colour is so unique, on top of that it’s not expensive costing £28.

ASOS DESIGN mini dress with lace godet panels
ASOS DESIGN mini dress with lace godet panels

This ASOS DESIGN blue mini dress is a more girlie option but I think it can still be dressed up with a nice pair of heels. The colour of this is what really drew my attention, I think it’s so cute and very summery!

ASOS DESIGN Tall square neck puff sleeve jumpsuit in broderie
ASOS DESIGN Tall square neck puff sleeve jumpsuit in broderie

Finally I thought I’d throw in a jumpsuit for those who aren’t keen on dresses and this ASOS broderie jumpsuit seems perfect. I love broderie anything so I think this would look beautiful at any event!

That rounds up my top occasion dresses for summer, I hope that has helped anyone who is trying to find something to wear this summer. If you liked this post then don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

What I got for my 20th birthday

Out for my birthday drinks

A couple of weeks ago I left my teenage years behind me and celebrated my 20th Birthday. I had a really great time, going out with my friends the weekend before and having dinner and drinks with my boyfriend on my actual birthday as well as finally seeing Avengers: Endgame (the most incredible thing about my birthday was I got to see it without any spoilers, a minor miracle). I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents from friends and familywhich I thought I’d tell you about, hope you enjoy.

ASOS DESIGN ring and ball cross body bag with chain strap

My sister got me a green bag from ASOS and I love it so much, the only bad thing about it is I haven’t got enough stuff to wear it with, I literally want to use it all the time! I definitely think I’m wearing it with a couple of outfits that it doesn’t necessarily go with, but I think that shows you how obsessed I am with this bag. Having said that, I’m going to keep wearing it with everything anyway. Ellie, you did a fab job.

My boyfriend Jake definitely did well this year, although having said that he’s pretty great at buying presents every year, I have a lot to live up to! He got me Dreamsongs, a book of short stories by George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire the original material for Game of Thrones, which I’m really looking forward to reading on holiday. He also told me that shopping for me has become much easier since I started posting my shopping lists online (a nice way of saying he reads my blog) and he referenced one of my first posts (which you should definitely read here after this one) and got me a yellow balcony set from lounge. I can confirm they are as comfy and gorgeous as they look online. Finally I opened a little note saying that over summer we were going to go and see a musical/play of my choosing. Considering he’s not super into musicals I definitely appreciate the bullet he’s taking by going to see one with me! I can’t wait to find the cheesiest, loudest, most American show possible as a token of my appreciation 😉 any suggestions would be much appreciated!

A box from my parents arrived a few days before my birthday which I managed to refrain from opening until my actual birthday (super proud of myself). Inside I found a Fitbit Inspire HR which I had asked for after hearing every other member of my family telling me how good they are. Having had mine for a few weeks I’m really liking it as its making me more likely to head to the gym because of how guilty I feel when I see I haven’t and its making me drink more water, again because of the guilt when I see I haven’t drunk enough! I also received some chocolate (always a safe bet with me) a little fact book about Game of Thrones and some clothes from Primark which I’ve already worn a few times. That box definitely brightened up my birthday.

I’m lucky enough to have a house that tries hard for each other’s birthday and a coursemate who knows the way to my heart (spoiler alert: its through food). My house clubbed together and got me a bath bomb, some chocolate, earrings and a lipstick from Morphe which were all really great choices. My coursemate Olivia got me a little bottle of flavoured vodka (it didn’t last very long) and some doughnuts (also didn’t last very long). They were all really thoughtful and made me smile.

That rounds up what I got for my birthday, I felt very lucky and had an amazing time with all of my friends who celebrated with me. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

ASOS Wishlist Spring 2019

Attention all students, this is not a drill. ASOS have boosted their student discount to 25% off until Thursday 2nd May, perfect timing with that student loan having just come in! Keep reading to see how I plan to take advantage of their best ever offer.

ASOS DESIGN faux horn button through mini tea dress

Now this first one keeps going in and out of stock but fingers crossed! This ASOS DESIGN button through mini tea dress has been calling my name for a while now, and what better time to buy it than now. This one isn’t too expensive in the first place priced at £22 but with that 25% off it costs only £16.50.

ASOS DESIGN boiler playsuit with button front and tie waist

That utility vibe is really in now and this ASOS DESIGN boiler playsuit definitely caught my eye. I think its a really nice item for spring so you can stay cool without diving into summer dresses straight away. This comes in a few colours but the black stood out to me because it lets you try out the utility trend whilst staying comfortable and still understated if you’re worried about looking like a plumber!

One Above Another bandeau crop top in denim butterflies co-ord

A more summery piece, this One Above Another bandeau crop top looks so cute and I can imagine wearing it with jeans, skirts, trousers and even shorts for when the weather is that bit warmer. This one costs £25 which is definitely not on the cheaper side but with that discount I think it’s worth the money.

Skylar Rose floral mini cami dress with tie sleeves in floral

Another summer dress I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks is this Skylar Rose floral mini cami dress. This caught my eye immidiately because of both the pretty print and the cut, that fit and flare style is really flattering and wearable both during the day and the evening. I can imagine this with a pair of brown sandals or white heels in the summer, I hope I can get my size!

New Look buckle detail short in stone

Finally, these New Look shorts in stone are perfect for spring/summer. The stone colour is really versatile and would look great with lots of little t shirts and camis in the warmer months. They also have a dusky rose pair and although they look gorgeous I think the stone is slightly more versatile and unlike anything else I own.

I hope you enjoyed that quick rundown of my top ASOS picks, there are definitely more but I couldn’t make this post too long or the discount would be over before you’d finished reading it! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first. And drop me a comment to let me know if there’s anything that you’re loving from ASOS right now!

Hollie x