I wore office attire working from home everyday for a week: did it make a difference?

I feel like there’s two types of people in the world. The first type gets dressed like they’re running into every manager that’s ever sacked them and ex partner they’ve ever had, even when their day consists only of a supermarket trip. The second type (hi, nice to meet you) puts joy and comfort above all. That means that when staying in the house they’re wearing tracksuits and that hoodie we all have that’s been around for so long that it’s near enough moulded to the shape of our torsos. And with this comes the conundrum of the work from home outfit.

I will be working from home for the foreseeable future so I’ll be toeing the line between ‘workwear’ and ‘I haven’t left the house in three days’ wear. My happy compromise is usually the Zoom outfit: that is of course a suitable top – ranging from a nice plain t shirt to a shirt – and the comfiest trousers I can find. Sometimes I go the extra mile – in both directions – and put on a full face of makeup and fuzzy socks and slippers.

Anyone who does get dressed like they’re going into the office always swears by it; “I just can’t get into the right frame of mind if I’m not in my work clothes” “how can you work in your pyjamas?”. So I decided I would test it myself. Would wearing human clothes make a difference? Or do the pyjama gang have it all figured out?


& Other Stories Mock Neck Jumper in Pink, ASOS Design Leather Look Leggings, UGG Slippers

I felt kinda sluggish on Monday, so comfy and warm was on the agenda. I got this jumper for Christmas and was super excited to wear it, and if my morning cup of tea wouldn’t wake me up that colour certainly would! I really wasn’t sure about this jumper when I first got it but wearing it throughout the day only made it grow on me. These leggings are also a great compromise between looking put together and being comfy. Day one: success!


Stradivarius Pearl White Jumper, River Island Trousers, UGG Slippers

On Tuesday I went for a classic work outfit for me. This is definitely comfier than it looks because these trousers have a nice amount of stretch to them but they still look structured. This jumper also kept me nice and warm when I went out for my walk, it’s been so cold recently I needed all the help I can get!


& Other Stories Dress, UGG Slippers

Still not sure I’m over this dress yet! I got this dress for Christmas and was fed up of waiting to wear it so I threw it on at home. When I first put it on I wondered if I looked a little too Little House on the Prairie but again it grew on my all day. Good job it goes with my slippers too! (the wfh staple we all need and none of us deserve)


Stradivarius Dress, ASOS Design Cardigan, UGG Slippers

I honestly did not want to get out of bed on Thursday, so I felt pretty good about getting dressed! I really did not know what to wear so I just pulled out this old dress from Stradivarius because I know I can’t go wrong with it. It’s probably not a favourite of mine anymore and I didn’t feel amazing in it but it’s good to throw on when I’m standing in front of my wardrobe questioning all of my life choices. The cardigan went on when I got cold and just never came off, not a curated look!


Monki Jumper, Hollister Check Trousers

I went into the office in Friday for the first time this year so I wanted to wear something I felt good in. I went for some little green heeled boots, these check trousers and neutral Monki jumper, even though I was actually on my feet for most of the day… the boots were worth it (I think).

So how did it go? The main thing I noticed was that I was sitting in a much better posture at my desk. I was less tempted sit like a pretzel because I didn’t want to knee my trousers and I basically acted like I was at work rather than sat in my bedroom! I’m not sure if I necessarily worked any better but I did sit better and my back is thankful for that at least. I also put a full face of makeup on everyday because it felt wrong and a bit like cheating to wear proper clothes with a bare face. This absolutely helped me get into the right mindset to work but the main thing that I notice was that it marked the end of the day for me when I took my makeup off ready for a nice hot bath.

My favourite outfit of the week was definitely Wednesday; LOVE that dress! Although a sneak attack favourite was definitely Monday’s pink jumper – & Other Stories are killing it. I also fell back in love with Friday’s Monki jumper which was a nice surprise. It goes without saying, but the slippers were the true hero of the week. People who say that UGG slippers are the best really are not lying, worth every penny!

Overall, I think this did teach me the value in putting on my work ‘uniform’ rather than sitting in tracksuits, but will I do it everyday..? I hope the answer is yes but I’ll have to see how long I keep it up before gravitating towards the cosies again. One thing is for sure: I will be trying to incorporate the slippers into all outfits from now on.

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