How to wear your Summer Wardrobe in Autumn

It seems like the weather can’t make its mind up recently, I get up in the morning and wrap up warm for the gym, I come out an hour later and my jumper goes firmly in my bag as I get even more hot and bothered than I did on the treadmill. I don’t know about you, but because of this I’m finding myself stood in front of the mirror contemplating whether a summer dress or jeans and a jumper is more appropriate for the day ahead. This daily conundrum has inspired me to write this post on how to wear your Summer wardrobe this Autumn so we can try keep that autumnal vibe be it hot or cold.

1. When in doubt, add a biker jacket

A leather jacket instantly gives any outfit that extra edge making it the perfect addition if you’re thinking you might look a little too summery. Even a white lacey mini dress looks amazing with a leather jacket thrown over the top, the mix of textures looks effortlessly cool whether you’re going shopping, grabbing some lunch or even a quick trip to the pub.

2. Layers, layers and more layers

Sweatshirts are my best friend in autumn, I love how they look over a casual bodycon dress or even a shorts and t shirt combo. These kinds of outfits are perfect to wear in the morning when the air is still nice and fresh but bare legs keeps you from overheating later in the day. If you’re not a sweatshirt person you can easily switch it out for a little check shirt that matches the base of your outfit that day. I’m also a fan of these tied round your waist later in the day for a really relaxed feel.

3. “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes” Christian Dior

Shoes can completely transform your outfit, just think of how different a pair of jeans looks with trainers compared to some skyscraper heels! Swapping your open toe sandles for some chunky white trainers, boots or some cute loafers takes you from summer to autumn in an instant.

4. Pretty tops aren’t just for summer

PSA: stop putting away your little summery tops, their time is not over yet! This might seem kind of obvious but I always forget that a lacey top and jeans (maybe with a leather jacket to top it off!) is a perfect Autumnal outfit. Switching shorts or a skirt for jeans is a great way to get maximum versatility from your wardrobe.

I hope that’s given you a few new ideas for what to wear this Autumn and maybe let you look at your summer wardrobe in a new light. I’ve never been one to put away summer clothes when the months grow colder because there’s just so much you can mix and match across the seasons. It also stops me buying things I basically already own because they’re not tucked away in a box, better for my bank balance and the environment!

Hollie x