Review: Why Everyone Needs a Face Halo

I've known about Face Halos for about a year but never tried them out. That changed a couple of weeks ago when I took the plunge and placed an order on Beauty Bay, I picked up a 3 pack of the Face Halo Pro and I chose the Pro above the original purely because they… Continue reading Review: Why Everyone Needs a Face Halo

Recent Purchases Spring 2019

I've been shopping recently (let's be honest, when am I not?) and wanted to share what I picked up. I'm really loving all of them and would definitely recommend having a look for yourself! First up is TopShop. They've just boosted their student discount to 20% off and you know I had to take advantage.… Continue reading Recent Purchases Spring 2019

My everyday winter/spring makeup

"I spend 90% of my money on makeup, the rest I waste" I know it's definitely not everyone's thing, but I've always loved makeup and how I feel when I wear it. It makes me feel put together and gives me that little boost of self-confidence. Having said that, I don't wear makeup everyday but when… Continue reading My everyday winter/spring makeup