Five on Friday 006

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good few weeks. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with finishing my essays (thank god) and celebrating my birthday along with other things. Keep reading to see what I’ve been loving these past few weeks.

Plymouth University Summer Ball

A great few days celebrating

I had a really great time celebrating my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I was very lucky to spend it with some amazing people and received some lovely presents to top it off! (you can find my what I got for my birthday post here)

An amazing night

I travelled to Plymouth to go to the UPSU Summer Ball last Saturday and had such a fab time. Between the silent disco, Sigma’s DJ set and my embarrassingly loud singing at the end of the night I think you might find the source of my hangover that hit me like a train when I surfaced on Sunday morning (lets be honest, afternoon). But I guarantee it was totally worth it!

Another year complete

I finished my second year of university a couple of weeks ago, I honestly can’t tell you where the time has gone. There’s certainly been ups and downs to my uni experience but I’m trying to appreciate all my time here and am simultaniously looking forward to and dreading my final year… is that normal?

A new workspace

In the process of furiously finishing my essays I decided to try working in a coffee shop near my uni house. I found that I really enjoyed being there, be it to work or just get a pot of tea in the morning and relax. I’ve realised working/eating/sleeping/relaxing all in my uni room doesn’t always work for me so I’m happy I’ve found a new space.

A welcome catch up

I went home for a few days last week and had a really nice drink with an old friend. I’ve really enjoyed getting back in touch with her and I’m looking forward to more drinks over the summer!

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Hollie x

What I got for my 20th birthday

Out for my birthday drinks

A couple of weeks ago I left my teenage years behind me and celebrated my 20th Birthday. I had a really great time, going out with my friends the weekend before and having dinner and drinks with my boyfriend on my actual birthday as well as finally seeing Avengers: Endgame (the most incredible thing about my birthday was I got to see it without any spoilers, a minor miracle). I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents from friends and familywhich I thought I’d tell you about, hope you enjoy.

ASOS DESIGN ring and ball cross body bag with chain strap

My sister got me a green bag from ASOS and I love it so much, the only bad thing about it is I haven’t got enough stuff to wear it with, I literally want to use it all the time! I definitely think I’m wearing it with a couple of outfits that it doesn’t necessarily go with, but I think that shows you how obsessed I am with this bag. Having said that, I’m going to keep wearing it with everything anyway. Ellie, you did a fab job.

My boyfriend Jake definitely did well this year, although having said that he’s pretty great at buying presents every year, I have a lot to live up to! He got me Dreamsongs, a book of short stories by George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire the original material for Game of Thrones, which I’m really looking forward to reading on holiday. He also told me that shopping for me has become much easier since I started posting my shopping lists online (a nice way of saying he reads my blog) and he referenced one of my first posts (which you should definitely read here after this one) and got me a yellow balcony set from lounge. I can confirm they are as comfy and gorgeous as they look online. Finally I opened a little note saying that over summer we were going to go and see a musical/play of my choosing. Considering he’s not super into musicals I definitely appreciate the bullet he’s taking by going to see one with me! I can’t wait to find the cheesiest, loudest, most American show possible as a token of my appreciation 😉 any suggestions would be much appreciated!

A box from my parents arrived a few days before my birthday which I managed to refrain from opening until my actual birthday (super proud of myself). Inside I found a Fitbit Inspire HR which I had asked for after hearing every other member of my family telling me how good they are. Having had mine for a few weeks I’m really liking it as its making me more likely to head to the gym because of how guilty I feel when I see I haven’t and its making me drink more water, again because of the guilt when I see I haven’t drunk enough! I also received some chocolate (always a safe bet with me) a little fact book about Game of Thrones and some clothes from Primark which I’ve already worn a few times. That box definitely brightened up my birthday.

I’m lucky enough to have a house that tries hard for each other’s birthday and a coursemate who knows the way to my heart (spoiler alert: its through food). My house clubbed together and got me a bath bomb, some chocolate, earrings and a lipstick from Morphe which were all really great choices. My coursemate Olivia got me a little bottle of flavoured vodka (it didn’t last very long) and some doughnuts (also didn’t last very long). They were all really thoughtful and made me smile.

That rounds up what I got for my birthday, I felt very lucky and had an amazing time with all of my friends who celebrated with me. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

Five on Friday 005

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a nice couple of weeks, the lack of posts (and the reason this one is late) is due to my getting back to university resulting in a pretty busy couple of weeks will all the packing an unpacking! Keep reading to see my highlights of the past couple of weeks.

An incredible invention

I heard about these over the past few weeks and had to share them with you, C lash eyelashes are fake eyelashes made specifically for people who have lost their eyelashes through cancer treatment, or any other illness. They are different to normal strip lashes because they have thicker transparent sticky layer that sticks to your eyelid and makes them stick down far better on eyelids with no eyelashes. So brilliant yet so simple.

A warm weekend

At risk of sounding way too British, I fell in love with the weather over the bank holiday weekend! We’re getting closer and closer to shorts and summer dresses and it makes me so happy and excited for summer.

A last term

It’s my final term of my second year at university, I can’t tell you where the time has gone! My final essays of the year are creeping up faster and faster, at least that means we’re one step closer to summer.

A spring clean

I managed to procrastinate from essays by being somewhat productive (can I call that a win..?). I cleaned my room at home whilst packing my stuff and I finally sorted through a box that’s been sitting there for about 4 years, so satisfying! I topped that off my cleaning and somewhat organising my university room when I got back as well, a nice fresh start for my last term.

A little break

I’m thinking I’ll have to take a break from blogging whilst I’m working on my essays, I’ve really enjoyed posting more over Easter and I’ll get back into the swing over summer. I’m sure I’ll still post but it’ll be more sporadic, unfortunately most of what I write over the next few weeks will be academic rather than for fun, I’m not happy about it either!

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Hollie x

Five on Friday 004

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to the long Easter weekend! Here are the highlights of my week just gone and the best meme I saw this week. I couldn’t resist this one, it’s an Office-Game of Thrones cross-over, I’m only human! Enjoy.


Be warned: this post is dark and filled with spoilers, Game of Thrones spoilers.

A silverlining to a very dark cloud

The world watched hopelessly this week as the Notre D’ame was engulfed in flames, and yet a silverlining emerged from the devastion. Over €700 million was raised in 24 hours to help rebuild the monument, hopefully setting a precident for how we will react to future disasters. The generosity of people can be greatly underestimated and I’m glad that this was not the case this week.

A long-awaited premiere

Game of Thrones started again this week. Can’t say I’m fully over it yet. I thought the whole episode was a great prologue to what promises to be a very eventful series. Favourite moments included; Sam being told about his family (performace of the series for him!), Ayra and Jon’s reunion, its like she was a kid again and its been so long since we’ve seen that! And most importantly, that final look from Jamie OMG it  s h o o k  me to the core, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau absolutely nailed it! I could talk about it forever but I’ll stop, I promise. Can’t wait for next week!

A fab night out

I went out this week for the first time in about a month, and I’m a uni student so that’s a loonngg time. I had a fab time with some new and old friends, definitely making it a regular thing!

A brighter week

The weather, particularly over the past few days, has been nothing short of glorious. This sounds like a small thing but warm weather makes me feel so much better about everything and puts me in a fab mood. Thankfully it promises to continue this weekend and I’m excited already.

An adorable film

My mum and I sat and watched Christopher Robin this week and it was one of the cutest films ever! I’ve always loved Winnie the Pooh and I had an ear to ear grin throughout the entire film I felt like I was back to being 5 years old again. Also, Pooh is surprisingly relatable, as I too am always hungry and definitely a bear of little brain.

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Hollie x

Top 5 Best TV Dramas

I’m a sucker for a good TV drama. I think I must get it from my parents, anytime there’s a new police drama on TV it goes straight on their Sky+. Below is a list of my favourite TV Dramas and it goes without saying that I would highly recommend you check them out!


Line of Duty is back and oh boy, is it back with a bang. Now airing its fifth season, Line of Duty is a police drama following three Anti-Corruption officers trying to root out corrupt Police Officers. With guest stars such as Keeley Hawes and Thandie Newton appearing on seasons 2-3 and 4 respectively Line of Duty manages to ramp up the tension every week and leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The storylines throughout the seasons link together making the plot complex and gripping and with seasons 1-4 currently available on Netflix, what are you waiting for?!

From the writers of Line of Duty, The Bodyguard follows Sgt. David Budd (Richard Madden) who gets assigned to a protection detail for Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). I honestly don’t even want to go too far into the storyline because you just have to see it! It has that same tension of Line of Duty but the story is unique and gripping, I can’t recommend it enough.

Doctor Foster is a two season-long drama about a woman who suspects her husband of having an affair. Played by Suranne Jones, Gemma Foster goes to great lengths to find out if her husband is being unfaithful in season one, and the drama continues in season two when the effects of her actions ripple out onto her son and her friends. Suranne Jones is incredible and makes you feel true empathy for her character, I could watch it again and again.

I think it considered a fact now that Sandra Oh KILLED in Killing Eve. I’m also a sucker for Jodie Comer (who also appears in Doctor Foster) and think that she’s just awesome in whatever I see her in. Killing Eve follows MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) who becomes obsessed with catching assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer). The thing I loved about Killing Eve above all else was the dialogue, I thought it was beautifully written filled with wit. I can’t say the storyline was perfect for me but the two leading ladies were outstanding and the writing was amazing, definitely making it worth a watch.

Game of Thrones. It starts TOMORROW and I can’t breathe (can you tell?). I was late to the party on this one but once I got there and had a couple of drinks (i.e. trudged through seasons one and two) I was so there for it! Don’t get me wrong, the first couple of seasons are perfect TV but when I first watched it.. my god I had no idea which way was up, who was who, people were dying left right and centre before I could learn their names! I always say its one you’ve got to put the work in for but they pay-off is like nothing else, its one of those shows where I’m insanely jealous of anyone who hasn’t seen it because watching it for the first time can be mindblowing.

So that rounds up my favourite TV dramas, I hope it gave you a little bit of inspo for your next Friday night in. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first. I’d also love it if you dropped me a comment telling me if you’ve seen any of these, or better yet and suggestions that I have to watch!

Hollie x

Five on Friday 003

Hi everyone I hope you’ve had a good week, here are the things that have made me smile this week (fully realising that it is in fact Saturday not Friday), also I really hope you enjoy my favourite meme of the week (Line of Duty related, sorry for those who haven’t seen it!).


A welcome homecoming

My boyfriend came home from uni this weekend and it’s been great having him around again. We had a really nice dinner on Wednesday which definitely made my week brighter.

A great catch up

Having not seen my oldest friend for about 2 years I decided it was time for a reunion. It was like nothing had changed and I’m so happy I went out on a limb and messaged her! Hopefully there’ll be many more lunch dates to come.

A great TV show

My dad and I sat and watched the latest Line Of Duty on Sunday night and oh my god was it intense. We sat and rewound and rewatched the last 90 seconds for about 15 minutes trying to work out what we aren’t supposed to know until next week; and alas, we failed. But either way I can’t wait until we sit and do the same thing this Sunday!

A new hobby

I’ve been going to the gym for the past couple of weeks and I’m already feeling better for it. I don’t have any particular goal in mind which weirdly might be keeping me coming back. Without anything to get dishearted by or a routine to box me in I’m free to do whatever I feel is best, and any benefits I see will be a bonus.

An anticipation-filled weekend

Game of Thrones starts again on Monday. I. Can’t. Wait.

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Hollie x

How I motivate myself

Because getting out of bed in the morning can be hard enough

It’s been great relaxing at home for Easter but unfortunately university work never lets up! Essays are definitely playing on my mind and getting myself motivated to start is not an easy task. This got me thinking about the things I usually do to motivate myself and I managed to come up with a list of little things I do that seem to make all the difference. There are still days when I do these things and I’m not super productive, but there’s definitely a better chance of me making a good dent in my day when I check a few things off the following list!


One of the most important things for me to do is to plan out everything I need to tackle in my bullet journal the night before. Bullet journalling can seem very complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be. It’s basically a system based on taking a blank notebook like the Leuchtturm 1917 and using like a diary but in the most helpful way for you. I started bullet journalling at the beginning of 2018 and it’s the best way for me to plan as it’s flexible and lets me jot down notes if and when I need to without worrying about ruining my pristine diary. If you want to find out more about bullet journalling and how it works, I’d recommend watching this video made by the people who came up with the concept. I really couldn’t recommend bullet journalling enough!

Another thing that makes me feel good is looking down and seeing painted nails. My favourite quick, no-fuss nail varnish is Sally Hansen’s Powder Room, it’s a gorgeous nudey-pink colour with an iridescent sheen that’s subtle but still polished. I also just picked up one of Essie’s Treat Love Colour Care polishes in TK Maxx the other day which lets you strengthen your nails whilst still having them look beautifully painted and I’m loving it!

I also feel more organised and ready for the day when I put on some makeup in the morning. My ‘everyday makeup’ can vary from just concealer, mascara and eyebrows all the way to foundation, eyeliner and everything in between. What I do is super dependent on how I’m feeling that day, check out My everyday winter/spring makeup post to see more on how I tend to get ready for the day.

More recently I’ve been making smoothies in the morning to get my day going. I’ve never been very good at leaving time in the morning for breakfast so this is a good alternative for me. Typically my smoothies contain a handful of frozen strawberries and the same of frozen blueberries, a few ice cubes, a few spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt, a glass of apple juice and a good squeeze of honey all thrown into my Blend Active blender. I’ve also just picked up some Free Soul protein powder to throw in to help fill me up a bit more and I’m really enjoying it. A priority for me is striking a good balance between healthy and tasty because I know that if I’m not enjoying my smoothies eventually I’ll give up, so I make sure they taste good so that I stick with it!

Getting dressed properly in the morning, i.e not throwing on tracksuits and a hoodie (as comfy and tempting as it is) and heading out the door half asleep. Personally, in the colder weather I like wearing a skirt and tights to make me feel put together but still comfortable whether I’m sitting down working all day or running here there and everywhere. When the weather warms up, a cute dress and denim or faux leather jacket is my go to for comfort and summery vibes all at once. I also try to put some earrings in and sort my hair out slightly, even if that means throwing it in a couple of french braids.

Finally, I’m a big advocate of taking breaks when I start to lose my mind. I always go slightly mad if I’ve not left the house all day so taking time to go for a walk in the fresh air even just for 10 minutes is so beneficial. If I’m at home, taking the dog for a quick walk with a podcast or some music is a great way to unwind and revitalise.

So that’s a basic run down of what I do to make myself feel organised and motivated. As you might be able to tell, I’m a definite believer in if you look good, you feel good, so taking time to sort myself out in the morning by doing my makeup and wearing something other than tracksuits definitely gets me in the right frame of mind.

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Hollie x

Five on Friday 002

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week and are enjoying the start of spring. Here are the things that have caught my eye and put a smile on my face this week, also you’re so welcome for the picture of my super cute dog.


A furry friend 

Having such a cute doggo is one of the main reasons I get excited to come home (sorry mum and dad). He’s so snuggly and fuzzy, he may or may not be trying to get me to cuddle him right now (he definitely is). Its good to be back.

A less furry friend (only slightly)

I went to Bicester Village on Tuesday with my sister Ellie which was a great day out. Although neither of us bought anything (curse our student budgets) we had a really nice time and burst into fits of laughter about nothing for the majority of the day.

A happy reminder

I saw a quick BBC video on Facebook this week about the Happy Newspaper. Founded by Emily Coxhead it is released quaterly and focuses on the brighter side of the news. Emily said she noticed how negative much of the news is and says that shes not trying to ignore those negative stories but shed light on the positive along with it. I think it’s such a fab idea and definitely made me smile.

A new haircut

I’m really enjoying playing around with my hair atm, having had it balaged a few months ago I decided it wanted a change up and cut a few inches off and I’m super happy with it! Also, am I the only one who finds getting their hair cut really theraputic? Please tell me I’m not alone..

A promising start

I need to start thinking about my dissertation soon (honestly it’s already too much) and I had a small brainwave about a potential topic earlier this week. It may have been a relatively minor flash of inspiration, but inspiration all the same. Got to take it when it comes!

I hope you enjoyed this quick read and have a great weekend and a great week. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

Five on Friday 001

I had a bit of a brainwave the other night and thought I might start kind of series on Fridays where I write a quick post on things that have caught my attention this week, made me smile and the things I’ve got to look forward to. Mental health is really important to me and thinking ahead to what you’re looking forward to is just as important as remembering the good things you’ve done. Not sure how regular this is going to be, I’ll aim for every week but we’ll see how it goes.


A perfect reaction to a devasting event

The women of New Zealand wore headscarves to commemorate the victims of the Christ Church shootings at the end of last week. Seeing both the general public and the female newscasters wearing headscarves in solidarity with Muslim women everywhere gave me that faith in humanity that we all need at a time like this. The BBC asked a woman why she was wearing a headscarf and she said, “because I don’t want him to be able to tell the difference between us and them, because there is no difference”.

A moment of personal pride

I planned and wrote all three essays due in before Easter over the past 10 days. University can definitely be a stressful time, and those essays definitely put a couple more lines in my forehead, but we’ve got to take those victories when they come!

A really good slice of cake

What can I say? Sometimes it’s the little things.

A sunny walk in the park

I’ve made a promise to myself to start taking more walks especially when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. Listening to a podcast and switching off helps me wind down and with the gorgeous weather on Sunday I just couldn’t resist.

A journey home

My time at university definitely goes up and down so I’m really looking forward to the stability of going home for a month. I’m really looking forward to relaxing in a known environment surrounded by supportive people.

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Hollie x

Binge-Worthy Podcasts and TV Shows

The best ways to waste a week

Be it a podcast or a TV show, I’m definitely a fully-fledged member of the bingeing generation. I’ll start a show on Monday and by Friday I’m completely obsessed and missing it already. Whether you watch or listen over the course of a couple of months or hibernate for a week and come out a changed person, every show on this list is definitely worth giving a go.

Starting with my favourite podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno is simply a man sat round the microphones with his two best mates reading an erotic novel, written by his dad, whose pen name just happens to be Rocky Flintstone, honestly you couldn’t make it up. I cannot describe how many times I’ve physically laughed out loud listening to this podcast, whether it be walking down the road with my headphones in or sat in my silent university library during exams period (yes I’m serious). Jamie, James and Alice are hilariously funny in their own right and paired with the frankly disgusting words of Jamie’s father it just gets better and better. Boasting 150 million downloads, a sell-out world tour and an upcoming HBO special this comedy podcast has swept the world. With four seasons ready for you to binge and an upcoming fifth you’re all set for the funniest, most stomach-churning hours you can imagine. You really do have to hear it to believe it.

A relatively recent favourite of mine, The Good Place is a sit com like nothing I’ve seen before. Household names Kristen Bell and Ted Dansen lead the cast of a show about the afterlife and the consequences our choices on earth have on where we go after all is said and done. Creator Mike Schur has worked on great shows like Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99 and The US Office which can only be a good sign. The show is well written and incredibly clever, the big twist in season 1 and the many smaller ones that litter the rest of the seasons show better than anything how this show breaks the mould. The first three seasons are available on Netflix with a fourth in the pipeline, I can’t wait to see the story continue.

Speaking of The US Office, its such a classic that I had put on my list. I only saw the show last year but I’ve watched it through two or three times since then. The ‘will they won’t they’ couple Jim and Pam are cemented in the top spot as my favourite TV couples of all time and its only one part of the show that makes it so incredible. One of the biggest achievements I can see is that they managed to created 9 seasons of consistently great television that had a satisfying ending, something that seems to be exceedingly rare in long-running shows. Now available on Amazon Prime Video, its such a classic that I’ll watch again and again.

Over the past year I’ve grown to love Potterless, a podcast telling the tale of a twenty-something year old man reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. Mike gives a fresh take on the books and sometime backs himself into tight corners making interesting predictions that can blow up in his face rather spectacularly, much to the amusement of his listeners. He is currently around about halfway through book 7 but fret not as he has promised to review all the films and spin of books J. K. Rowling wrote as addition to the series as well at the Cursed Child stage show and much much more. A quick warning, he has turned many people against Quiddich as he brands it “the worst sport ever”. Nevertheless, Potterless is a great easy listen perfect for any Harry Potter fans who want to jump back into the Wizarding World with from a new perspective.

How could I not talk about the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. I was definitely late on the bandwagon again but once I got into it I was fully hooked, I cannot express how excited I am for season 8 to land (3 weeks to go!). I was put off watching it thinking it was just another fantasy drama I wouldn’t have enough interest in to bother making sense of but the fantasy element is such a small part of a complex world that is riddled with politics and conflict. The show has a cult following with internet threads that would take months to wade through spouting theories and ideas for plot points in both the show and the books. I haven’t got round to reading the books yet (don’t come for me) but I’m so excited to read George R. R. Martin’s winding, intense stories.

I hope that gave you some inspiration for your next binge and I apologise in advance for your future procrastination, but I think it’ll be worth it with quality content like that! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see first when I post. And definitely let me know your favourite bingeing material in the comments, I’m always looking for ways to avoid working (like writing blog posts on the best shows to binge…).

Hollie x