ASOS Wishlist Spring 2019

Attention all students, this is not a drill. ASOS have boosted their student discount to 25% off until Thursday 2nd May, perfect timing with that student loan having just come in! Keep reading to see how I plan to take advantage of their best ever offer.

ASOS DESIGN faux horn button through mini tea dress

Now this first one keeps going in and out of stock but fingers crossed! This ASOS DESIGN button through mini tea dress has been calling my name for a while now, and what better time to buy it than now. This one isn’t too expensive in the first place priced at £22 but with that 25% off it costs only £16.50.

ASOS DESIGN boiler playsuit with button front and tie waist

That utility vibe is really in now and this ASOS DESIGN boiler playsuit definitely caught my eye. I think its a really nice item for spring so you can stay cool without diving into summer dresses straight away. This comes in a few colours but the black stood out to me because it lets you try out the utility trend whilst staying comfortable and still understated if you’re worried about looking like a plumber!

One Above Another bandeau crop top in denim butterflies co-ord

A more summery piece, this One Above Another bandeau crop top looks so cute and I can imagine wearing it with jeans, skirts, trousers and even shorts for when the weather is that bit warmer. This one costs £25 which is definitely not on the cheaper side but with that discount I think it’s worth the money.

Skylar Rose floral mini cami dress with tie sleeves in floral

Another summer dress I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks is this Skylar Rose floral mini cami dress. This caught my eye immidiately because of both the pretty print and the cut, that fit and flare style is really flattering and wearable both during the day and the evening. I can imagine this with a pair of brown sandals or white heels in the summer, I hope I can get my size!

New Look buckle detail short in stone

Finally, these New Look shorts in stone are perfect for spring/summer. The stone colour is really versatile and would look great with lots of little t shirts and camis in the warmer months. They also have a dusky rose pair and although they look gorgeous I think the stone is slightly more versatile and unlike anything else I own.

I hope you enjoyed that quick rundown of my top ASOS picks, there are definitely more but I couldn’t make this post too long or the discount would be over before you’d finished reading it! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first. And drop me a comment to let me know if there’s anything that you’re loving from ASOS right now!

Hollie x

Recent Purchases Spring 2019

I’ve been shopping recently (let’s be honest, when am I not?) and wanted to share what I picked up. I’m really loving all of them and would definitely recommend having a look for yourself!

First up is TopShop. They’ve just boosted their student discount to 20% off and you know I had to take advantage. I picked up a khaki green pair of trousers which I’ve literally worn everyday since I bought them. They’re super comfy and have a paperbag waist to really draw you in and balance out the looser fitting legs. I also found this pink top, I thought it looked kind of boho with the buckles on the straps and have found it goes really well with those khaki trousers. The trousers were £39 and the top was £12, but with that 20% they both came in at under £41.

I popped into New Look a few days ago and saw a cute little black dotted mesh top. I wore it on a night out a couple of weeks ago with my lounge mesh bra underneath and loved how it looked. I think it would look great with a little skirt on a night out or dressed down with jeans or some casual trousers.

I picked up one of my favourite things I’ve ever got in Primark the other week (big statement I know). I found this black and white horizontal striped bodycon dress and I’ve completely fallen in love. I’ve worn this whenever its warm enough to get away with a dress (and even when it’s not) and it still looks new. On top of that it was only £6, I’m definitely keeping my eye out for anything similar.

I mentioned in a previous post that I recently picked Essence’s Lash Princess mascara, you can read my review here. I’m still loving it and it has become my go too mascara both for everyday use and when I want something a bit more dramatic.

Finally, in a recent trip to Superdrug I got myself a bottle of Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation. I’ve seen this foundation around for years and have alway been curious about it so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m liking it a lot, it has a medium coverage with quite a natural ‘skin-like’ finish, I’m definitely going to keep testing it out.

I hope you enjoyed my little list of what I’ve bought recently and maybe given you a bit of inspiration next time you’re out shopping! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first.

Hollie x

Five Spring outfits

Now that the weather is finally warming up (thank god) its got me so excited about spring fashion and I thought about 5 outfits I can’t wait to wear this Spring.

The first thing that sprung (get it? like spring? …. I’ll see myself out) to mind when I think about Spring/Summer was white jeans, they just scream warm weather to me! I’ve just got an oversized button up shirt from Primark (I mentioned this in my Primark Haul Spring 2019!) which I think would look perfect with white jeans, brown sandles and maybe a brown bag to match. Slightly understated but nice and put together.

I love a simple bodycon dress and I picked up a black and white striped one the other day in Primark for just £6! I’ve already worn it with a sweatshirt over the top to keep me warm but I would wear it with a denim jacket if I wanted to look a little less casual. Whack on a pair of white trainers and you’ve got a perfect comfy spring outfit.

Chain print is still everywhere this season so I picked up a chain print shirt from Boohoo a few weeks ago which I’m loving. I love half buttoning it and tucking half into blue mom jeans. Shoe choices here are super versatile, it can be worn with heels, ankle boots or even trainers for something more dressed down.

Shirt dresses are a great in between for transitioning from winter into spring, I picked this one up from ASOS a while ago (I’ve also mentioned this before in My recent purchases, go check it out!). I much prefer this with a belt round the middle to really sinch me in at the waist, and worn with black over the knee boots to keep you that bit warmer in the unpredictable weather. I also think that a black camera bag would really tie this all together.

Finally, I think a black PU/leather look skirt can be a statement piece without having to be bright and colourful. It can be kept casual and toned down with a white t-shirt, a leather jacket and some ankle boots for a relaxed, put together vibe.

I hope that gave you a few ideas if you’re stuck with what to wear this spring, I think they’re also all adjustable for the warmer/colder weather by wearing tights or adding/removing coats! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first. Also, drop me a comment to let me know what you’re wearing this Spring!

Hollie x


Spring makeup edit SS19

Now that Spring has well and truly sprung I’m changing up some of the products I use to get me well in the mood for the warmer weather. I put together a quick rundown of the products that I’ve been gravitating towards and those that scream spring to me.

spring_makeup_edit SS19.jpg

First up is Glossier’s cloud paint in dusk. I’ve been loving this for well over a year now but for some reason it always reminds me of spring. It gives a nice bronzy pop on the cheeks, striking the balance nicely between the pink and orange hues. The fact that it’s a liquid makes its great for the hot weather and super quick to apply, just blend with your fingers and go!

Maybelline’s Snapscara has been a firm favourite of mine over the past few months, I love the way it gives long, curled, separated lashes that hold up all day. If I want a bit more volume I can layer it up and build on what it’s already given me showing how versatile it is and how I can take it from day to night with a couple more coats.

One of my favourite Spring/Summer products is L’oreal’s cushion bronzer. It gives that gorgeous, healthy glow that we’re all looking for in the warm weather without being too intense. On top of that, it’s super easy to use and doesn’t leave any harsh lines. I sweep it round the perimeters of my face and a little across my nose and cheeks as those are the places that tend to catch the sun, just makes everything look a little more natural and like you woke up like this (I won’t tell if you won’t).

Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow has been a staple of mine for nearly two years but I’ve been loving it recently for the warmer weather. The bronzer hits that perfect sweet spot between warm but not too warm meaning I can create shadows and contours while making sure I’ve got that healthy glow all at once. The highlighter ties it all together, it’s a gorgeous light gold colour, not too intense but you can build it up depending on how extra you’re feeling, definite win win.

I picked up this glitter in the colour nude from Primark on a whim a couple of weeks ago and I’m so happy I did. It gives an amazing shimmer on the eyes without being overpowering. Having said that it’s definitely noticeable so I’ve been able to successfully wear it both during the day and in the evening. The shade is quite neutral but has a gorgeous depth to it that really gives that extra something to your makeup. I’d definitely recommend picking it up and trying for yourself!

Finally, because we’re always looking for that bronzy glow when it time to get our legs out I had to mention the Tanologist tanning water, yes you read that right, tanning water. I know it’s not quite makeup but you’re going to want to hear me out on this one! It’s a quick tan that doesn’t ruin white sheets (thank god) and although it can be tricky to work with at first, once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner. I’ve got the shade medium which gives a really lovely natural looking tan perfect for spring and summer.

So that rounds up my spring makeup edit, I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration for spring and helped you prep for the warmer weather, lets pray it doesn’t slip away! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to see when I post first, also drop me a comment to let me know what you’re loving this spring!

Hollie x

Primark Haul Spring 2019

Can you really go wrong with Primark?

Last week I popped into Primark as I often do when I’m happy/sad/bored.. okay so basically anytime I hear it call my name.. and I found a few really nice pieces that have got me so excited for summer. I think subconsiously if I buy enough summery clothes summer should just appear for me, worth a try?

mini primark haul 27.03.2019

I’m so so pleased with this first buy, this blue stripe shirt went straight into my basket as soon as I saw it. It’s a nice, light cotton without being itchy, perfect for summer. It fits just how I want it to which I’m so happy with considering a took a bit of a risk and sized up to a 10 (I’m generally an 8 across the board). I love it worn with mom jeans, half undone with a white vest or bandeau underneath for some layering. I can also imagine it looking amazing with white jeans and maybe some cute heels for dinner or lunch out, and for £7? Yes please!

Slightly boring, but I picked up a 3 pack of wireless bras in medium whilst I was looking around. Honesty time: I hate wearing bras. They’re so uncomfortable and I hate wearing one all day. These on the other hand are really soft and feel great throughout the day, these also look great underneath that blue shirt! These were £10 for 3, a great price and definitely a staple.

Another kind of dull one but totally worth getting are Primark’s black men’s straight leg joggers. Granted I meant to picked up ones with cuffed bottoms but I only noticed when I go home… Having said that these still fit really nice and are so soft, I prefer the men’s fit because they’re slightly looser so are much more comfortable. I’ll definitely be going back to get some more. Plus, the best part? Only £5. Can’t. Go. Wrong.

Next I saw these gorgeous tan block heels that were totally calling my name and for £12, well I couldn’t just leave them there, who do you think I am? I already have a pair of white block heels from Primark that are nice and comfy so I thought I’d give these a go too. They feel so lovely on, like I’ll be able to walk around and still feel my feet, revolutionary! These will go with so much in the spring/summer, especially white jeans and some nice little dresses.

Finally in my desperate plea for summer are these cute little brown slip on sandles. I plan to wear these everywhere over summer because they’ll be so convenient to just slip on as I run out the door and they’ll go with so much. I was definitely lacking a versatile pair of sandles last summer and these seem to fill that gap perfectly. These again were super affordable coming in at £6, I mean I really couldn’t say no to that.

That about rounds up my mini Primark haul. I always love having a nose round Primark so definitely expect more of these, especially as we get into summer! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and follow me on instagram to know when I post first.

Hollie x

My everyday winter/spring makeup

“I spend 90% of my money on makeup, the rest I waste”

I know it’s definitely not everyone’s thing, but I’ve always loved makeup and how I feel when I wear it. It makes me feel put together and gives me that little boost of self-confidence. Having said that, I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do I have a couple of routines that I gravitate towards.

How I do my makeup in the morning is dependent on what I’m doing that day, how early in the morning it is (lowkey one of the biggest factors tbh) and how much effort I want to put in that morning. Getting ready in the morning can take me either 10 minutes or 45 minutes to an hour, there’s not much of an in between! Honestly, sometimes I don’t want to sit and stare at my own face for an hour and sometimes I’m really in the mood to have a good play with my favourite products. So, starting with the lazy one..

When I’m feeling lazy (let’s be honest, when am I not) my makeup is very minimal. I always start with moisturiser, I know it’s technically skincare but I tend to count moisturiser as a part of my makeup routine because I hate putting on makeup without it. My go to is still my trusty L’oreal Hydra Genius Gel Moisturiser as I mentioned in my skincare favourites. After that comes concealer, I usually grab my Revolution Conceal and Define, an essential to cover up my lack of sleep and any pesky little friends that have popped up overnight. I always powder down my concealer and when I’m in a rush I tend to gravitate towards a pressed powder, my current fave being Charlotte Tilbury’s Air Brush Flawbless Finish Powder. Then it’s onto filling in my unruly brows. I’m currently loving NYX’s micro brow pencil to fill in and give some shape before brushing through any brow gel I find. Finally, mascara to make me look more awake and more human. I flit between mascaras but a couple of favourites are Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang and the L’oreal Unlimited mascara.

If I’m feeling extra, my makeup routine gets a bit more intense. Firstly I’ll add in foundation, my current go to being YSL’s All Hours Foundation which gives a good base for those extra skin products I’ll be slathering on shortly. Then comes concealer followed by a cream bronzer for some subtle definition which is currently courtesy of Benefit’s Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, I’ll then powder down all the areas with concealer maybe a light dusting over the centre of my face and forehead. Next onto brows which is pretty similar to my lazy day routine, and then we move to the eyes.

My current obsession is James Charles’ Artistry palette with Morphe so I’ll use it where and when I can! My brain power is pretty low in the morning so unless I have a flash of inspiration I tend to keep my eyes pretty basic with something neutral through my crease and a little pop of shimmer in my inner corner. If I have the time, and most importantly the patience, I’ll pop on a wing with my NYX Epic Ink Liner and chuck on some mascara.

Then back to the face (we’re nearly done I promise) and onto bronzer blush and highlighter. My holy grails are Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, Nars’ Deep Throat and The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer for that perfect flush and healthy glow. Finally, lips. My favourite everyday nudey-pink is Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect because it’s low maintenance and stays comfortable throughout the day.

And breathe… I did warn you it was extra.

That just about rounds up my makeup routine. As you can tell, I don’t necessarily have an ‘everyday’ probably because I love trying new things and changing up my makeup so I never get bored with doing it. My makeup definitely changes with the seasons and when the summer comes around it’s definitely going to be allll about that fresh-faced glow.

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Hollie x

My recent purchases

A comprehensive list of where all my money disappears to.

Winter is definitely not my favourite time of year, I would much rather hibernate until the sun comes out again. But these recent purchases make it me actually want to get dressed and leave the house (which is a pretty big deal). Below is a list of what I’ve bought over the past couple of months to get myself excited about winter.

Firstly, I found these black checked print New Look trousers a week or so ago and I’ve worn them so much already. They’re so flattering and comfortable and look great all day.

Check Boucle Mini Skirt as part of an outfit

My new favourite skirt by far is this find from TopShop. It looks great with over-the-knee boots and a nice warm jumper to keep off that winter chill!

Image of product

This might not be all that appropriate for winter, but come spring and summer I know I’m going to get so much wear out of this Missguided dress. I love the colour and the fit is so flattering, I can’t wait to live in it all spring.

product image

This Hollister puffer jacket is so warm and comfortable and I’ve gotten loads of wear out of it in the past couple of months. Hollister isn’t the cheapest brand but the great British summer isn’t known for its tropical weather so it’s definitely worth the money.

Glamorous shirt dress in stripe

I’ve worn this shirt dress from glamorous on ASOS so much and am looking forward to wearing it more this spring. It also looks great with over-the-knee boots (because, what doesn’t?) and I love belting it round the middle to cinch it in and give it a bit more shape.

That rounds off my list of recent purchases and gives a little insight into my wardrobe. Although winter is not my favourite time of year, these outfits help me stay warm and cozy without feeling like I’m wearing a sack.

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Hollie x